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The Hoover 1949 team is in the Carman-Ainsworth Hall of Fame. Photo provided

The Hoover 1949 team is in the Carman-Ainsworth Hall of Fame. Photo provided

All over Genesee County, one room schoolhouses were put into numbered districts, mostly around the newly formed Flint Township, after Michigan became a state in 1837.

The school districts were established by a number system, like Flint and Carman-Ainsworth are now the two largest schools in the county.

Some of the smaller villages just stayed the same or had fractured schools, while others had to combine schools to accommodate the area of the most children for the best education. All the little settlements in Genesee County were named after families, New York cities and even sometimes named after a river like, Flint.

Genesee County took the lead on our school system now called Genesee Intermediate School District, which governs Genesee County schools, now with 71,000 students.

Most parents had time to work with their children at home, in the 1930s during the Depression and there were ways for families to stay close together without social media.

My Uncle Dale is 93 and was the oldest three children in 1932, so he was the first to go to school as a kindergartener and my grandmother, Addie, had him ready to go.



So, Dale went to Carman’s one room schoolhouse and was all excited, that he was able to skip up to first grade. They lived on Boatfield Street and Otto Street right by Carman School (where Baker College is now).

There is a lot of interesting stories of how Carman and Ainsworth came together and took in smaller schools.

In 1961 they merged, and the boundaries changed, with so many little schools in Flint Township they just all combined with the larger school so the kids could have a better education with more options.

Dye, Utley and Hoover (Hoover is where my parents graduated from in 1949), added with Carman Schools and became the second largest school in Genesee County.

By 1986, the combined districts became Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools. The school district added all the history of the athletics together and made a very special place to celebrate the talented alumni for the athletic achievement.

There are many people honored in Genesee County, and inducted into the “Carman-Ainsworth Athletic Hall of Fame.”

State, District and County awards, of all sports from the 1930s to present. It is fun to go and see your family get these awards from their high school days, like my Father and my Mother’s family.

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