Remember When …

A family photo of Mona Ballge showing her grandmother and a family pet. Photo provided

A family photo of Mona Ballge showing her grandmother and a family pet. Photo provided

Most everyone loves cute little baby pets, whether they have their own or not. Some people are allergic, work or travel too much to own a pet.

My family has had all kids of pets, farm animals to rescuing dogs and cats. The Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals, started in 1824 primarily to protect carriage-horses (dogs were added later) from being mistreated during the extreme summer heat and freezing cold weather in London, England. Food and water are always a big concern with all animals especially the ones are homeless or trapped in cages.

By 1866 the first American ASPCA was formed in New York City and spread throughout the country to help all animals. In 2006 it became international and teamed up with the Humane Society to protect animals around the world, they have a heart too.

The American Humane Society is a nonprofit organization to promote humane treatment of Children and Animals founded in 1877. Apparently, they changed the focus off the humane treatment of Children, and founded a new organization based on being advocates for animal welfare, with 10 million members, currently. There are even programs to help a wounded warrior to feel safe with a new pet through different charities.



The history of the Genesee County Humane Society started around 1926. Jonathan E. Burroughs and his colleagues were concerned all the homeless animals that needed to be cared for, so they a build shelter without walls.

Then they moved to a permanent place where it’s still located today, but expanded, to take care of them. GCHS moved to Dort Highway in Burton in 1961 because of the many concerns of the growing animal population.

There are all kinds of help for you and your pets so don’t feel alone. There are many charities to help you to find a place to enhance spade or neuter them, at a discount and other options, trying to keep stray animals off the streets is important.

The beautiful facility in Burton helps all types of pets and they take donations. 1954 Humane Society of the United States was founded to gather all resources for animal care and being an advocate for all types of animal welfare worldwide. According to the Britannica HSUS is the most influential group for the welfare of animals.

The Hungry Caterpillar book was all about loss, needing a friend and wanting a sense of security, to help you heal from grief, like during the shutdowns, there is a lot of sad emotions around.

Take your pet for a walk and enjoy the Michigan sunshine. Service Dogs, like leader dogs for the blind, or helping some rehabilitate back to society are a wonderful addition to a family. Dogs and sometimes cats also help with anxiety or other special needs even PTSD. Some people even raise puppies that are waiting to be old enough to be trained. If you like animals for a short time, or you could be a foster parent, for an animal until it finds its forever home. Michigan summers are really hot make sure your pet, and make sure they have lots of food and water and be a responsible pet owners.

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