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The thing I like best in life is to serve people, making food or just helping. I don’t know what it is about it, but when it comes to a group of people, the first thing I think about is everyone OK and comfortable.

I think I get this from my mother, she was a Girl Scout leader in Burton for over 35 years also lifetime volunteer to her church and groups all over Genesee County. She sold Girl Scout cookies until she was 85. In honor of my Mom, this Mother’s Day week, I would like to share where the holiday of Mother’s Day came from.

Like my mom, there was another giving mum who took care of people. She helped wounded American soldiers during the Civil War and after her death in 1907, Anna Jarvis, her daughter, made a memorial for her and called it Mother’s Day in the UK.

It wasn’t until 1914 until President Woodrow Wilson made it a national holiday in the United States. Mother’s Day (or Mothering Day) is celebrated in more than 100 countries worldwide, not all the same day but in the springtime each year.

Anna Jarvis Photo provided

Anna Jarvis Photo provided

On Mother’s Day this year make sure you call your Mother and say hello, if she is still here. My mom is in heaven. I will tell my kids a fun story about her on Sunday, maybe plant some flowers in her memory. Maybe write a letter to your mom or make a card or get her one?

My five kids always like to make me breakfast in bed (with help from dad sometimes), or just a cup of coffee. Enjoy the wonderful weather outside or watch HER favorite movie, whatever you do enjoy your family! Where would we be without moms? No one is perfect, I know I am not, so make some food and say hi! Don’t forget the other mothers who live alone check on them, or the ones that were your neighborhood that were always there when you were growing.

What favorite meal did your mom make you? Mine favorite was meatloaf and baked potatoes, for dessert I couldn’t wait until Christmas and all the homemade Chocolate-peanut butter fudge!

What kind of things did they do for Mother’s Day back in 1914? Maybe all their card were cut-out hearts made from school? The kids couldn’t wait to give their special surprise to mom, maybe flowers on Sunday morning, I bet it was like Christmas day back then don’t you think? Moms were home all day cooking, sewing doing the family business and when the kids got home from school, they had chores to do, each day especially if they lived on a farm.

Taking care of all the farm animals and doing the schoolwork must have been really hard. What a great family life working together all the time! I think America would really change if they had to go back to living on a farm, again don’t you? I hope this week is a wonderful time with your family I am so glad I get to share my thoughts with you I consider it an honor thank you so much.

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