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During times of war there were military doctors on the field helping the wounded soldiers all over the world for years. The first known public hospital was in the 7th century, “Hotel Dieu”, was in Paris, 500 meters from Notre Dame Cathedral.

The first one room hospital in Michigan was in Detroit in 1785 according to some ship records found. The largest research hospital in the world is the National Institute of Health dating back to 1887 that begin as a Marine Hospital Service in 1798. N.I.H. part of the U.S. Health and Public Services helps a lot of people find the answers to infectious diseases.

Doctors have been practicing medicine since ancient times, the Hippocratic Oath was written in Greece in the 5th century BCE. Medical Society of the County of New York was founded March 12, 1807. Medical colleges started all over our newly founded country, before that doctors would train in U.K. for their medical degree.

Florence Nightingale was a pioneer in 1853 London, known as the “Lady with the Lamp,” she started using modern cleaning for patients in nursing as we practice it today. How did the Red Cross begin in 1881? It was Clara Barton, who was in the trenches with medicine and one of the best women hero, during the American Civil War, 1861-1865 and she brought supplies to the field for the soldiers and helped them while risking her life.



Stockton house, built in 1873 in downtown Flint as a home, was a Civil War Hospital and then St. Joseph used it as a hospital in the 1920s, and restored and is a museum now for tours. St. Joseph Hospital was started by group The Sisters of St. Joseph Health System, staying with the roots the ministry of Jesus healings.

A lot of changes were being made after World War I, the Spanish Flu was coming to an end and Flint started to annex more of Burton Township, to get more land for tax revenues (annexing where C.S. Mott home, Community College and FCC area). This is where Mott College and the cancer center are now on Robert T. Longway.

As a teaching hospital, Genesys was a branch of St Joseph Hospital. FOH/ Flint Orthopedic Hospital 1936, only there for a short time and now is closed, was the first orthopedic hospital here.

Wheelock Hospital in Goodrich was named after the doctor Amos Wheelock in 1916 (now a hospice), part of Genesys now. Since 2012 Ascension Genesys Hospital/Medical Center in Grand Blanc has 410 beds and Trauma II hospital, with specialty care, primary care/clinics, Imaging and laboratories. Ascension is one of the largest private Catholic healthcare systems in the U.S.

Hurley Hospital, founded by James Hurley in 1908, as an immigrant from England, now with 443 bed public and nonprofit hospital, serving 20,000 people a year to “transform health in Genesee County.”

The region’s only Level 1 Adult Trauma Center and was founded on spiritual care and prayer, is one of the hospitals purposes in Flint. Hurley Medical Center is the largest medical center in Genesee County. Hurley also serves other parts of our counties with specialties and Hurley Urgent Care facilities open seven days a week.

McLaren Hospital is a nonprofit teaching and charity hospital with 378 beds currently but dating back to 1914 and started with Dr. Lucy C. Elliot MD and Lillian Girard R.N. they opened a 10-bed maternity hospital by 1919 on Harrison St. Flint, focused on women and children health. Margaret McLaren begin her career as the supervisor at the Women’s Clinic in 1924 that would span more than 30 years. Many changes happened throughout history by 1940 they moved to current location added more in 1990 and has grown to a chain of hospitals in our area for specialties. Genesee County has health care for all.

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