Resident complains garbage trucks coming too early

FLINT TWP. — An unwelcome wake-up call from garbage trucks making pick-ups at 3:30-4 a.m. brought a resident to two consecutive township board meetings to complain.

The resident, who lives at Miller West Apartments, G-3100 Miller Road, first came to the Oct. 20 meeting to ask the board to do something about pre-dawn collections that he said was disturbing the peace — waking up people too early who have go to work and children who have to go to school.

The apartment complex is adjacent to commercial areas including restaurants serviced by the garbage collection company. The nearest dumpster is about 67 steps away from his door, the resident said.

He said he called the garbage company to ask them to stop, but to no avail.

Township Supervisor Karyn Miller agreed that the early-morning pickup violates the township’s noise ordinance which prohibits such disturbances between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. She said it was a commercial contract and not one handled by Emterra Environmental, the township’s contracted collection agency. The offending company would be notified, she said.

But the resident returned three weeks later with the same complaint. He cited the township’s noise ordinance on “unreasonable disturbances to the peace and quiet” and asked if something was being done to fix the problem.

Miller said code enforcers were involved and had spoken to the garbage collection company about changing their route for later pickups in that area.

“They are working on it,’’ she said and instructed the resident to check back in a few days.

The resident could not be reached for comment. Violations of the township noise ordinance are a municipal civil infraction and can incur a civil fine up to $500.

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