Resident ruptures gas line putting in “For Sale” sign

FLINT TWP. — A Flint Township resident struck and punctured a gas mainline Friday while posting a “For Sale” sign on his property, causing a gas leak.

The incident occurred on Lambden Road, and the Flint Township Fire Department and Consumers Energy responded.

Kathryn Burkholder, a media relations representative for Consumers, said the depth of gas lines vary due to landscape changes, so there is no uniform depth at which the lines run. She said the resident likely would have felt the pipe when he hit it and smelled the gas. If there had been a spark or flame nearby, the situation could have turned serious, but she said there likely was no imminent danger. However, any time a line is hit, residents should call 911 and Consumers immediately.

Burkholder said the incident serves as a good reminder that people should call Miss Dig at 811 before doing any sort of digging or placing any signage in the ground. Miss Dig is a service that locates underground gas or other lines on property.