Residents getting involved

The Davison area is a community with a bright future. Residents play a big role in helping new families to move to the community and encourage new businesses to start. People are attracted to the Davison area because it is a wonderful place to raise a family, worship, conduct business and invest in their community.

One of the most important roles any resident can play is letting their voice be heard on a topic of interest. Residents can write a letter to the editor, attend a township meeting, talk to your neighbors to get organized on a topic that might affect their area and so many other ways. Get involved and make sure your voice is heard locally.

I encourage anyone that is interested in the continued growth and future of our community to look for areas that they are passionate about. There are countless ways to participate, attending local township/city meetings, Friends of the Parks, youth sports leagues, countless wonderful community events that take place every week and so much more.

The future of the Davison area is very bright! Get involved, share you voice and take part in our community growth. Thank you to community volunteers and residents that are getting involved. Your voice and actions are important. — Travis Howell, Davison Township