Return to normal

You’ve heard that phrase being echoed ever since you learned the phrase COVID-19

Just what does “normal” mean anyway? And isn’t it dependent on your version? Is it just a version of “the good ole days”, or “back in the day”? Because both of those also mean very different times to different people. In this global socioeconomic world, we now live in, there is little that stays the same for a year. Just which version of normal do you aspire to return to?

It seems that normal has always been changing, and that is the only thing that is… well, “normal.”

There are plenty of people around who lived in a normal that didn’t include cell phones (and land lines were $20 bucks). There are those that remember a Sears & Roebuck that looked and operated pretty much just like Amazon. Some that actually had to get out of the car to open the garage door, thought a big screen TV was 27 inches, paid the newspaper kid each week.

I mean probably nobody wants to return to the normal of out-houses, lamp lighters and milkmen but…

We learned a lot in this last year but if you define normal as being the way it was about 14 or 15 months ago, are we really sure that’s a good goal? We were actually sitting ducks for a sea change in our lives and futures and have since been held hostage to a third world behavior of a country that enjoys a self-defined developing nation status because it has so many poor people who just don’t count, and likes it that way.

We have very dangerous times ahead of us with future events that will always make us yearn for “the good old days”, and the choice of people you elect to represent you at all levels of government has never been more important. Think just who you voted for that did or is doing something to make sure you survived. It’s pretty important to pay attention to these folks’ behavior, and how effective they are at something other than pandering to get reelected and arguing amongst themselves when they do. — Bud Meyers, Grand Blanc Township