Richardson Consulting offers youth behavior treatment program

— Recco S. Richardson Consulting, Inc., 6309 N. Saginaw St., offers a Youth “Behavior Treatment” Day program beginning Oct. 29.

The program, which is geared for male and females ages 7-12, is an intensive, 30-day weekend program that utilizes treatment groups, counseling and pyscho-educational activities. The program will address various childhood issues and experiences, including school suspensions, depression/bipolar, lying/stealing, panic/anxiety issues, unhealthy relationships, poor social skills, absent parent hatred and traumatic event/crisis.

“For youth to be successful in life and school, at an early age their poor behaviors and negative experiences must be intentionally and effectively addressed,” said Recco Santee Richardson, PhD, MA, LPC. “This program does just that.”

For more information, call 810-394- 7815 or e-mail recco@richardsonconsulting.


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