Rights cannot be infringed upon

I am responding to a letter in the May 7 (letter to the editor) by Russell Neimann. Your title reads: “Pandemic is not a political issue” and yet the rest of your comment is political.

Betsy DeVos may have agreed with the stance that was taken at the demonstration, but she did not fund it. And if she did, it is not a crime. Tea Party members may have agreed with the protest. That is not a crime.

The Nazi reference was NOT to say, “We the People”, are Nazis but that our governor in her unreasonable actions was acting like that Nazi regime in our history. Remember WWII and the concentration camps?

You claim the Michigan Militia were a part of the group protesting. Maybe, but it is also their right to protest and to bear arms. Have you forgotten or been brainwashed into thinking it is wrong to claim these rights or ashamed to stand up for them?

You say the protestors were violating the stay at home order. Her orders are NOT laws or have your forgotten how American government works. The legislature passes laws not the governor.

Our God-given rights cannot be infringed upon for any reason, not even a virus. You compare the number tested positive with the deaths and say we have a 10 percent death rate from this virus. That is what the governor is doing to put FEAR into “We the People.”

You need to know the total of all people who have had the virus compared to those who have died. And we do not know that number because that information has not been shared with “We the People.” The total tests done for coronavirus in Michigan is 260,253 and the total deaths is 4,393. That makes the death rate 1.69 percent, but probably much lower because we don’t know how many people have had it and not been tested or didn’t know they had it.

I know many people who were ill around the holidays, before this crazy lockdown, with an “unknown virus.” This illness has been here for a long time. “We the People” should never be feared into giving up our rights. Shame on the media (at least most of it) for trying to make “We the People” feel like we are doing something wrong by standing up for our God given rights.

Remember that the government is “We the People.” The elected officials are servants and work for the people to protect our rights, not take them away.

Before you spout off with your propaganda, you need to reeducate yourself with the facts. I suggest you start with the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, Section 242 of Title 18, Michigan Constitution, Michigan Act 302 1945 and Michigan Act 390 of 1976. And finally, “Fear will not keep you from dying, it will however keep you from living.”

Wake up Americans before it’s too late. — Tina Furness, Goodrich