Road woes continue

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The Detroit Lions fell short in the Big Apple to the New York Giants, 28-20, on Sunday.

Yes, the road woes still have numerous pot holes for our Detroit Lions. The bumpy road always ends the same way—with a loss. Detroit has been one or two plays away from picking up a road victory. One was the Nate Burleson fumble and one Calvin Johnson completing the “process” touchdown catch.

Big improvement and huge strides have taken place for Detroit so far here in 2010. I, and other Lions fans, want the next step and that means winning football games on the road. The next road game for the “Cry Ons” is in Buffalo.

Buffalo is a team Detroit should defeat on the road. We shall see in three weeks if the road streak will come to an end. The Lions are on the bye week this Sunday. Their next game is in two weeks against the Washington Redskins at home. A game in which Matthew Stafford will be back under center. A healthy Stafford for the rest of the season would be nice. The Lions are improving and I see the big picture slowly coming along. I will proceed with caution as remember, these are the Lions.

Too rough

The NFL is not taking the helmetto helmet hits lightly. This past weekend there were numerous helmet to-helmet hits. A couple of them were downright vicious. The defensive player left his feet to hit the offensive player directly in the head. The NFL needs to clean up this garbage and they are taking immediate action effective this weekend. Bottom line is that lead with your helmet and you will be suspended. The game is violent enough and serious head injuries need to be limited as much as possible.

Just a number

The college football system called the BCS rankings came out on Sunday night. The leaders out of the gate are the Oklahoma Sooners number one and the Oregon Ducks number

two. The rest of the top five are Boise State, Auburn, and TCU. The Michigan State Spartans checked in at number seven. College football fans whose teams are not one or two don’t jump off the cliff. History shows that since the BCS system has been in college football only in the year 2005 did the original number one and two teams make it to the BCS Championship game. Texas and USC persevered that year. There is a lot of football left and the shakeup will stay continuous.

It will happen this weekend as number four Auburn entertains number six LSU.

How about Michigan State and its chances for playing in the BCS Championship game? The Spartans’ next two weeks will determine it. The Spartans travel to Northwestern this week. I consider this a serious “TRAP GAME.” The Northwestern Wildcats are a tough out at home. If the Spartans get by with a win, then Iowa comes a calling a week later. Two tough weeks for the Spartys. However, if they win hold on to your green and white jersey because the ride to the top is possible.

Another round

The baseball playoffs have been awesome so far in round two. Texas should be up 3-0 if not for one bad inning in game one. Texas will win this series. The Giants and Phillies is going down to a game seven, I can just feel it.

NFL lock picks smoking hot unlike my waistline. Here are my winners, let’s roll’em Cliffy:

MIAMI + 3 OVER Pittsburgh
ATLANTA – 3.5 OVER Cincinnati
KANSAS CITY – 5 OVER Jacksonville
TENNESSEE – 3 OVER Philadelphia
Washington + 3 OVER CHICAGO
N. ORLEANS – 13.5 OVER Cleveland
San Francisco – 3 OVER CAROLINA
TAMPA BAY – 2.5 OVER St. Louis
SEATTLE – 5.5 OVER Arizona
New England + 3 OVER SAN DIEGO
Oakland + 6 OVER DENVER
GREEN BAY – 3 OVER Minnesota
DALLAS – 3 OVER N.Y. Giants
LAST WEEK: 7-5-2 SEASON: 46-38-6

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