Rock the Kettle with the Salvation Army kicks off

FLINT – The Salvation Army serving Genesee County is announcing the 2017 Rock the Red Kettle of HOPE Campaign is underway locally.

The goal of this campaign is to raise $10,000.00 to benefit families in Flint and Genesee County. Please contact Joy at 810-232-1684 to discuss ways you or your business can help us “Do the Most Good”!

Many families are experiencing additional hardships this summer, with the higher than normal temperatures. Many household incomes are falling short of necessary income to pay their utility bills. Electricity required keeping medications refrigerated and maintaining a cool environment for family members that require oxygen to survive.

These families experience the greatest hardship when utility bills become difficult to keep up with and shutoff notifications begin to arrive in the mail. Our most vulnerable families receive financial assistance with utility bills, water bill shut-off notifications and rent eviction notices. Keeping people in their homes and children safe are a daily goal.

Our Pathway of Hope is a program moving families from crisis and vulnerability to stability and eventually self-sufficiency, tracking family progress along the way. The Salvation Army’s Pathway of Hope initiative marks a pivotal shift from treating the symptoms of poverty to preventing the epidemic at its root. By helping families overcome barriers like unemployment, unstable housing, and lack of education, we can break the cycle of crisis and vulnerability, leading families instead down a path toward increased stability and ultimately self-sufficiency—a Pathway of Hope that will profoundly affect generations to come. If you would like more information, please call 810-232-2196 and ask about our Pathway of Hope program and join the ten current families changing their future!

This online giving campaign will provide assistance to residents across Genesee County through the broadest array of social services ranging from providing food for the hungry, emergency assistance, relief for disaster victims, outreach to children, adults, families, and the elderly. Since 1863, over 124 years, The Salvation Army has cared for Flint and Genesee County families.

Ways to help “Do the Most Good” include making donations with your cell phone- just text the Message: RTRK2017 to 41444 or visit and click on the Red Kettle of Hope image.

A series of concerts to give back to those in need through the power of music and community will help us shine a light on those experiencing hardships. The RTRK2017 kickoff event will be the Downtown Throwdown event, in partnership with Cumulus at Flint Farmer’s Market Wednesday July 19, 4-8 p.m. Performances to date include artists: FRANKIE, Audrey Ray, Greg Nagy, The Regulators, Peaceful Authority, Reverend Right Time, and the 1st Cousins of Funk and The Salvation Army Flint Citadel ensemble with more artists to come. – G.G.

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