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If you’re like most everyone across this state, you’re battling cabin fever. Parents who want to peel their kids away from those blasted video games can bring their gremlins to the Genesee Valley Mall Center Court on Saturday, March 7 from noon-2 p.m. for the GDL’s Rockin’ Reading Rally.

This free event kicks off March is Reading Month, a time to remind us all of the simple pleasure of reading.

The Detroit Pistons Drumline will jumpstart the event with their lively (and wonderfully loud) performance. If you’ve never seen them in action, they are simply terrific.

Nelson’s Wildlife Safari will be next up with their wild animal show. These guys are hilarious and totally unpredictable. The last time I saw them perform, they handed an alligator off to an unsuspecting librarian. You just haven’t lived until you’ve seen an otherwise meek and mild bibliophile cradle an alligator in his arms.

Word has it that Wildlife Safari’s 20-foot python, “Dragon,” may make a star appearance at the rally as well. (But only if he’s in a good mood. Amen.) If Dragon is grumpy that day, there will be plenty of other tropical animals on hand to help us temporarily forget that we are freezing our butts off around here.

Eileen Button

Eileen Button

There will also be storytelling, music, prizes and free stuff for all. After the rally, everyone is invited to the Genesee Valley Mall branch for free hot cocoa and donut holes. (Yep, there’s a library in the mall. How convenient is that?)

If you can’t make it to the Rockin’ Reading Rally March 7, the GDL will offer free concerts, storytelling, craft programs, computer classes and discussions all throughout the month of March.

Of course, you can also stop in to one of our branches to grab a great read or download one at Either way, we’re the perfect cure for the cabin fever blues.

Eileen Button is the Community Relations Manager for the Genesee District Library. She can be reached at

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