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Finally, October baseball has arrived, which means it’s playoff time! The Detroit Tigers come in stumbling a little bit. They were no hit on the last day of the season by the Miami Marlins. Let’s be honest, though, the Tigers had absolutely nothing to play for the last weekend of the season. Manager Jimmy Leyland decided to rest some starters and play a make shift line up. Personally, I thought it was a good idea to rest some of the guys. The only complaint I have, is the job done by the bullpen. They cannot afford to blow leads come playoff time. It is a concern for all of us Tigers fans, and also a concern for manager Jimmy Leyland. It could be the demise of the Tigers come October.

The Tigers’ opponent is the Oakland A’s. Remember last year the A’s pushed Detroit to five games and it took Justin Verlander to throw a gem in game five for the Tigers to advance? The five-games series begins in Oakland on Friday at 9:37 p.m. and game two will be Saturday at 9:07 p.m. The series will then shift to Detroit for games three and four on Monday and Tuesday. If the series goes five. it will be October 10 in Oakland.

The Oakland A’s have starting pitching just like Detroit: Bartolo Colon’s ERA is 2.65, A.J. Griffin’s ERA is 3.83 and Jarrod Parker’s ERA is 3.97 all solid pitchers. Detroit has the big four in Anibal Sanchez, whose ERA is 2.57, Justin Verlander’s ERA is 3.41, Max Scherzer’s ERA is 2.90 and Doug Fister’s ERA is 3.67.

How about the strike-out power of Max, Anibal, and Justin? Max has 240, Justin 217 and Anibal 202 strikeouts on the season. The huge advantage for the Tigers should be their hitting. The Oakland ball club just is not that good of a hitting ball team. I also want Tigers’ fans who were ragging on Leyland for playing Victor Martinez when he wasn’t hitting to note. … ummm … Victor ended up hitting .301! I said all along Victor would prove Leyland right over the long haul. Victor’s track record at the plate was too strong. I think Miggy, Torii and Prince will be too much for the Oakland A’s in this series. Tigers win in four games is the Fat Guy’s prediction. I can’t make predictions on the other series because the opponents have not yet been decided. Come on, Tigers, let’s rock Rocktober!

Lions for real?

The Lions rocked the Bears on Sunday at Ford Field. They protected home field with a division win over the previously unbeaten Chicago Bears. Reggie Bush sure does make a difference running the football doesn’t he? It’s nice to finally see the Lions with a running game! Man, it’s been a long time coming. I want the first-place Lions. What did I just say? First Place? Yes, they are in first place. They need to go to Green Bay and break that losing streak up in Green Bay. It’s been since Rodney Peete and 1991 since Detroit has won in Green Bay. That’s absolutely crazy. Detroit is currently a seven-point underdog to the Packers. Will this Detroit Lions football team show up this Sunday? I sure hope so. This is a huge game for the Detroit Lions. The Fat Guy prediction: Cheese Power 34 Lions Wait Till Next Year Again 30.

The NFL picks are much better last
week. Best bet still needs work though.
CLEVELAND – 3.5 over Buffalo
TENNESSEE + 3 over Kansas City
Baltimore + 3.5 over MIAMI
ST. LOUIS – 12 over Jacksonville
CINCINNATI -pk over New Eng.
Seattle – 3 over INDY
GREEN BAY – 7 over Detroit
New Orleans + 1 over CHICAGO
N, Y. GIANTS – 3 over Phila.
ARIZONA + 2.5 over Carolina
OAKLAND + 5 over San Diego
DALLAS + 8 over Denver
Houston + 7 over SAN FRN.
ATLANTA – 9 over N.Y. Jets
LAST WEEK 10-4-1
SEASON 23-36-4

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