Roscommon Police locate missing Flushing woman

Lisa Bohnsack-Phillips Photo provided

Lisa Bohnsack-Phillips Photo provided

ROSCOMMON COUNTY — Officers from the Roscommon Sheriff’s Office have located a Flushing woman who went missing for five days while on vacation last week.

Flushing resident Lisa Ann Bohnsack- Phillips, 44, was found alive by police in the Higgins Lake area of Northern Michigan last Thursday morning. Bohnsack-Phillips, who had been visiting the area over the weekend, was first reported missing between the latenight hours of June 15 and the early morning hours of June 16.

Bohnsack-Phillips was transported to the hospital for medical treatment, and law enforcement is currently investigating the circumstances surrounding her disappearance.

The Roscommon Sheriff’s Office worked in conjunction with multiple law enforcement agencies in the search for Bohnsack-Phillips, including the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Michigan State Police, the Flushing Township Police Department and the Gerrish Township Police Department.

Flushing Township police interviewed several people who were familiar with Bohnsack-Phillips, while Roscommon police refuted online claims that she had been discovered earlier on Wednesday.

“Lisa was transported for medical treatment and law enforcement is currently investigating the circumstances surrounding her disappearance,” the Roscommon Sheriff’s Office said in a release. “Thank you to all of the many agencies who have come together over the last several days to assist in this search and investigation.”

The Roscommon County Sheriff’s Office has not released any more information about the case, due to the sensitive nature of the investigation.