Carman-Ainsworth’s Wallace Hill (9) and Cheng Yang (2) battle for the ball with a Fenton defender.

Carman-Ainsworth’s Wallace Hill (9) and Cheng Yang (2) battle for the ball with a Fenton defender.


Midland hosted the second Saginaw Valley League Jamboree on Tuesday with the Cavalier boys finishing in ninth place with 280 and the girls were also ninth with 283. Joe Chinkeefatt paced the boys in 45th place in 18:39.90, Wyatt Pangerl was 66th in 19:49.97, Colin Smith was 75th in 21:35.28 and Andrew Stephens was 77th in 22:33.26.

Juan Cunningham finished 80th in 23:04.26, Keegan Maguffee was 84th in 24:19.54 and Tyler Willis was 86th in 27:21.55. Leading the girls was Mikaiah Holbrook in 69th in 23:47.66, Mikayla Holbrook was 71st in 24:05.93, Rayven Brantley was 73rd in 24:17.63 and Bailey Curtis was 74th in 24:23.29.

Arianna Vantine took 77th in 25:12.21, Niajah Hood was 78th in 25:17.76, Chante Boyd was 82nd in 27:05.29, Teaira Davis was 86th in 29:24.40 and D’Mya Mason was 88th in 30:55.96.

The Cavaliers were at the annual Linden Invitational on Saturday with the girls placing 11th with 330 and the boys 13th with 412. Mikaiah Holbrook was 67th to lead the girls in 24:08.50, Mikayla Holbrook was 74th in 24:55.50, Brantley was 87th in 25:37.50, Hood was 92nd in 26:55.30 and Boyd was 93rd in 27:54.10.

Curtis placed 94th in 27:57.80, Vantine was 95th in 28:58.10 and Mason was 96th in 34:19.70. Chinkeefatt paced the boys in 77th in 19:23.00, Davian Owens was 93rd in 20:22.10, Pangerl was 101st in 20:52.70, Stephens was 105th in 22:44.80 and Smith was 106th in 23:09.00.

In 107th was Cunningham in 24:23.90, Maguffee was 108th in 27:42.50 and Willis was 109th in 27:43.20. – B.P.


The Cavaliers dropped a 6-0 decision to Davison on Sept. 19 and also lost to Holly, 5-0, last Thursday. Game details were not reported. Carman-Ainsworth was back in action on Wednesday at Saginaw Arthur Hill after VIEW deadlines. The Cavs are also on the field today against Flushing. – B.P.

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