Rules for obtaining a dog license

FLINT TWP. — Workers at area veterinarian offices said they are seeing some confusion among dog owners because of a change in dog license renewal times.

“It certainly is more confusing than last year,” said a worker at the Veterinary Medical Hospital, 3252 Miller Rd., who declined to give his name. “But most people, once the rules are explained, understand,” he said.

Under the old rule, dog licensees were renewed during a three-month time frame between Dec. 1 and Feb. 1.

Now they are renewed year-round at that same time a dog’s rabies vaccine expires.

For example, a if the dog’s rabies certificate expires 6/23/2013, its 2012 dog license renewal will be extended until that date.

A worker at the West Flint Animal Hospital. 1500 Elms Road, said she has also fielded a few telephone calls from confused dog owners.

The simplest explanation she gives is to tell them to check their rabies certificate expiration date. That’s when the license renewal is now due.

But it still can get confusing if the dog has a three-year rabies vaccine.

There may be a choice to buy a a one- or three-year license. But a threeyear license may only be purchased for dogs that are at the beginning of their three-year rabies vaccinations. All others must purchase one-year licenses until the start of a new three year vaccination cycle.

Dog owners needing to renew their dog’s license will receive a pre-printed application by mail 30 days before the next rabies vaccine expiration month. The pre-printed applications are not required to purchase a dog’s license.

For new dog owners, all dogs are required by state law to be licensed by the age of four months old. The owner then has 30 days to provide proof of age, date of current rabies shot and proof of spaying or neutering to a licensing office. View Staff

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