Same Old Lions disappoint fans

Fat Guy Corner



Can the Detroit “Lie Downs” (the term fits in this case) start the season any worse? I don’t think the term Same Old Lions will ever grow old with this vagabond organization. I had so much steam blowing out my ears I could have run a freight train down the railroad tracks. There was no way the Lions, leading 17-0 and 24-6, should lose to the horrible Arizona Cardinals. However, those of us who have suffered watching these clowns for decades all wondered when the implosion was going to erupt! Am I right, Lions fans? Darn right, I am. The prevent-a-win defense played in the fourth quarter allowed a rookie quarterback to pick apart the defense. Arizona’s Kyler Murray had done zero under center for three quarters of putrid offensive football. Hey, Kyler had a Pro Bowl fourth quarter against the prevent-a-win defense. The Lions did not blitz or put pressure on him at all in the fourth quarter. Why? The bearded fat slob in charge of the this football team is a clueless and worthless coach!

Matt Patricia should have been fired and left in the desert to sweat off his pot belly. Matt is so far in over his head it’s laughable! I cannot stand to even look at him on the sidelines. I watched his press conference after the game and it was pitiful. The only thing he got right was the coaching needed to get better and it would if they can get his Lions tail to the unemployment line.

How about the dumb time out the Lions called because the play clock was running out? The play would have sealed the game! Matt Stafford knows how much time is on the play clock, trust me! Isn’t the object to run as much time off at the end of the game? Yes, it is, when trying to bleed the clock out! What a clown show this coaching staff is! I wish that Matt would call his buddy, the “Hoodie,” and get the game tape of how the Patriots kept attacking against the Steelers all game long with a big lead!! The Hoodie knows how to coach football and Patricia knows custard donuts from jelly-filled ones and nothing about football. I hope they lose the next six games and fire this sorry son of a gun! The Lions’ season is already over before the first home game and that’s really sad. Martha, sell the team and let’s forget the last seven decades and start from scratch, please.

The one positive is the tight end and No. 1 pick,T.J. Hockenson, is the real deal! Thanks you Detroit for wrecking Week One for me! The good thing is, you never disappoint wrecking all the Lions’ fans Sundays! I could go on, but SOL should cover it for this week.

I need a new computer. I pounded these keys so hard because I am still fuming mad! The “Losers” will be home against the San Diego Chargers (not L.A., still San Diego to me) and a loss will make them 0-1-1. The bus is empty and don’t board it the rest of the season.

Solid win for Sparty

The Michigan State Spartans whipped up on the Kalamazoo boys of Western Michigan on Saturday. The score was 51-17 and it was a significant win for coach Mark Dantonio. Mark won his 109th game for MSU matching Duffy Daugherty’s mark.

The offense looked better, as they mustered up 31 first downs. The Spartans will look for revenge Saturday at 4 p.m. against Arizona State, who they lost to last season. I will say Herm Edwards will come to East Lansing to win the game! Herm plays to win the game! I like MSU to squeak by ASU 20-17.

Wolverines look terrible

The Michigan Wolverines needed two overtimes to defeat Army, 24-21. The Wolverines looked terrible for the second week in a row. The offense is the same old offense, if you ask me. Where is the new offense hiding I heard about all summer long?

The Wolverines were out-played by Army and were lucky to escape with a victory. I think the play of Shea Patterson under center is brutal! He has been a huge disappointment, if you ask me. The Wolverines have a bye this week. They need to work on some things before heading to Wisconsin in two weeks.

Let’s roll the picks…
Tampa Bay + 5 over CAROLINA
TENNEESEE – 3 over Indianapolis
DETROIT +2.5 over San Diego (L.A.)
Buffalo – 2 over NY GIANTS
BALTIMORE – 13.5 over Arizona
New England – 18 over MIAMI
WASHINGTON + 4.5 over Dallas
HOUSTON – 9 over Jacksonville
PITTSBURGH – 3.5 over Seattle
CINCINATTI -pk over San Francisco
Minnesota + 3 over GREEN BAY
OAKLAND +9.5 over Kansas City
L.A RAMS – 3 over New Orleans
DENVER – 1 over Chicago
ATLANTA -pk over Philadelphia
NEW YORK JETS + 3 over Cleveland