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This is why the silly Detroit Lions have driven their fans crazy for decades. Here’s a game they are supposed to lose in Minnesota and the fools decide to win the darn football game; and in thrilling fashion.

If anyone ever figures out this football team please dial 1-800- Fat Guy! The Lions toy with you week in and week out emotionally and many of us are over the pain of emotions. We all pretty much checked out after the Houston loss two weeks ago with Detroit’s pitiful performance on the road. I was so disgusted I made a tee time at 12:20 p.m. last Sunday to play golf. I did tape the game in case a miracle happened. Holy 58-yard field goal, the “Miracle in Minnesota” was in motion. The fact that Matt Stafford drove them into field goal range should not shock anyone. Matt Stafford has been clutch all season long; and yes I used Stafford and clutch in the same sentence. The Lions have trailed in all nine games in the fourth quarter and managed to win five of them. In the overtime drive Stafford completed a couple long third downs to extend the drive. He also received a drive-extending penalty from the Vikings’ defense. The play by Golden Tate was sweet and it’s hard to believe the Lions won that game.

Now don’t go out and drink the Lions Kool Aid because there is no sugar in it like always and no water in the pitcher! It would shock no one if they come off the bye and lose to Jacksonville at home in two weeks. That is the most popular storyline for our beloved meowing kittens. It’s the model for disaster they love to instill.

The positive and optimistic fans will say we beat Jacksonville and Minnesota on Thanksgiving and the Lovable Losing Lions are a solid 7-4. However, I caution you, the Lions hardly ever follow the script. The one thing we can say about this year is the “Cardiac Kats” have been solid at the end of games supplying us with no nails left on our fingers. The Lions have had us as high as the state of Colorado and as low as the Grand Canyon’s bottom shelf. Let’s see what happens these next two football games and see if the bandwagon fills up or the bandwagon gets four flat tires.

The other Detroit teams

I still have not gotten to watch the Pistons yet, as it just has not worked out for me yet. I promise, I will, because they are playing .500 basketball so they must not be horrendous.

The Detroit Red Wings play of late has been horrendous and atrocious. Detroit ripped off six wins and then ripped of five straight losses. Will the real Red Wings stand up? This could be a .500 hockey team all season long. If they do go .500 the playoff streak will be over and that’s sad. How about the cost of that new arena is a whopping $733 million? That is a lot coin!

Tigers making moves

Hey, Tigers fans.We wave good bye to Cameron Maybin for next season. I believe the Tigers were slashing payroll in moving Maybin. I liked the play of Cameron and hated to see him go but I get the move the Tigers made. The more concerning Tigers news is the fact they are entertaining offers for Miggy and Justin Verlander. Yes, I know it’s hard to grasp Tiger fans, but it’s the reality. The rumors are true. The Tigers are making changes to the ball club and slashing this high pay roll which has produced nothing the last two baseball seasons. I hope it doesn’t happen, but don’t be shocked if a deal goes down.

Thriller in Chitown

The curse is over in Chicago as the Cubbies long wait has ended. The game-seven thriller was epic and an awesome watch. The Indians fought their rear ends off twice in this game to come back and tie the ball game up 6-6. The rain delay hurt Cleveland more than the Cubs. I believe it helped the Cubs regroup after blowing leads in this game. Congrats to the Cubs; it was a long time coming.

Cleveland + 10 over BALTIMORE
JACKSONVILLE + 1 over Houston
CAROLINA – 3 over Kansas City
NEW ORLEANS – 2 over Denver
N.Y. JETS -2 over L.A. Rams
PHILADELPHIA – 1 over Atlanta
WASHINGTON – 3 over Minnesota
Green Bay – 2.5 over TENNESSEE
TAMPA BAY – 2 over Chicago
SAN DIEGO – 4 over Miami
San Francisco + 13.5 over ARIZONA
PITTSBURGH – 2.5 over Dallas
Seattle + 7.5 over NEW ENGLAND
CINCINNATI + 1 over New York Giants
LAST WEEK: 5-6-2; SEASON: 59-67-8

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