Scandal, questionable trades and the Super Bowl

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This week I’ll call the sports world the good, the bad, and the ugly. The ugly is the Michigan State, Larry Nassar and sexual assault accusations in the athletic program. The bad, in my opinion, is the Blake Griffin blockbuster trade involving the Pistons and the L.A. Clippers. The good is that the Super Bowl will be played on Sunday between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles.

Let’s start off with the ugly first. The Larry Nassar story is such a stomach-turning story that words cannot express my pain for all the victims and families that he has affected. He deserves to rot in prison and personally, to me, that’s not even enough for this evil sick individual. The Michigan State athletic program is now under severe scrutiny, as both Tom Izzo, the men’s basketball coach and football Mark Dantonio are under the microscope. The Outside the Lines story about sexual violence issues surrounding the football team and basketball team have the entire country focusing on Michigan State. I say, let’s see what happens from here, as more evidence is gathered before passing judgement on the program. The main thing is to keep all the victims in our thoughts and help with the healing process.

Panic move by Pistons

The bad news from the week is the Pistons’ panic move in the blockbuster Blake Griffin trade. The Pistons sent Tobias Harris, Avery Bradley, Boban Marjanovic, and two draft picks for Blake, Brice Johnson and Willie Reed. Yes, Blake Griffin is a superstar for sure, and brings star power to the Pistons. The problem is, he is injury prone and has a huge five-year contract at $171 million. I think the recent slide in standings forced the move by Stan Van Gundy (blunder). The Pistons gave up too much in this deal. Lets hope I am wrong. If the Pistons make the playoffs and improve, then the deal will be a success and that would be nice.

Brady vs. the World

Yes, Super Bowl LII kicks off at 6:40 p.m. Sunday on NBC. The millions of football fans and non-football fans will tune in. The lure of the commercials will draw some viewers and the office bets and football squares will tune in some more fans. Is there anyone who doesn’t buy a square? The gambler hopes he picks the winner to cash in on some dough.

The Super Bowl parties are also huge hits around the country. Let’s just say the Super Bowl has a little bit of everything for everybody.

My job from here is to give you a winner on the big game. The New England Patriots are favored according to the boys in Las Vegas by 4.5 points. The Patriots are going for a third Super Bowl win in four years! They are a dynasty for sure. The GOAT, Tom Brady, is looking for his sixth Super Bowl ring. The duo of Brady and Belichick are the greatest combination NFL football has ever seen and ever will see. The opponent, the Philadelphia Eagles, the NFC No. 1 seed, who were underdogs in two home playoff games, are underdogs again. The Eagles have back-up quarterback, Nick Foles, who took over for the injured Carson Wentz. Foles played fantastic in the two playoff games. I know many see this game as Tom Brady against Nick Foles. This is not even close to being the truth. There are 21 other starting players and numerous reserve players who will decide the winner of this game. The defenses are solid on both teams, as Philadelphia is the No. 4 scoring defense and New England is No. 5. These offenses will earn everything they get in this Super Bowl, as the defenses are darn good. The fact is, offensively the weapons on both teams are really good at passing the ball and running the ball. I do feel as though the NFC Conference was much tougher than the AFC Conference. I believe the Eagles played a much tougher regular-season schedule and a tougher playoff schedule. It’s tough to pick against Tom Brady, but in reality, the Patriots have won four Super Bowls by a field goal. I will make the tough choice and go with the Philadelphia Eagles. My Super Sunday prediction is: Fly Eagles Fly 23 and GOAT Chow This Year 20.

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