School board OKs 2015-16 budget

FLINT TWP. — Nearly half of the Carman-Ainsworth’s Schools 2015-16 budget will be spent on instruction, which ranks among the top 20 percent of districts in the state, said Russ Parks, assistant superintendent in the annual budget presentation last week.

Of the approved $52,026,045 general fund budget, C-A will spend $25,196,206 (48 percent) on instruction, Parks said.

“One thing we are always pleased about is instruction and added needs,” Parks said. “When we get state reports of what every district in the state spends, this number for (C-A) usually is in the top 20 percent of what goes back into the classroom per pupil.”

Other 2015-16 expenditures will include about $2.7 million for school administration (5 percent of the budget), about $4.3 million for operations/ maintenance (8 percent), $2.1 million for instructional staff services (4 percent) and $2.49 million for transportation (5 pct).

Salaries will generally remain the same due to a three-year contract but other expenses are expected to increase including retirement and health insurance costs.

Expenditures will exceed revenues by $119,642. The fund balance as of June 30 was about $1.5 million.

The 2015-16 budget is based on several assumptions including a decline in enrollment of no more than 100 students and a 1.4 percent increases in the foundation allowance from state aid of $7.965 million, up from $7.855 million in 2014- 15.

The blended student count for 2015-16 is expected to be 5,004.

Retirement fund expenses are expected to increase 1.77 percent while health, dental, vision and life insurance are expected to rise 4-10 percent, depending on the provider.

The budget also assumes a 0.2 percent increase in property tax values.

Of $51,906,403 in general fund revenues, C-A expects to collect $33,180,267 (64 percent) from state-aid and $6,176,593 (12 percent) from property taxes. Other revenue includes restricted state and federal funds.

Salaries and fringe benefits will account for $24,504,643 (47 percent) and $15,257,802 (29 percent) of general fund expenses.

The proposed food service budget is $2,896,207.

The proposed debt retirement budget is $3,048,603 and the building and site fund budget is $419,831. The latter is about $327,559 less than 2014-15 expenses that included reconfiguring school building entrances and new cafeteria tables at Dye and Randels elementary schools.

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