School year extended to June 13

FLINT TWP. — Carman- Ainsworth Schools has added two days to the school year to make up for snow days taken during a record-setting harsh winter,.

“We have experienced a very difficult winter in terms of the weather, which resulted in school being cancelled more often than any time in recent history,’’ said Superintendent Steve Tunnicliff, in a recent letter notifying parents.

Like most school districts statewide, C-A has to add days to the school calendar to meet state requirements. To qualify for state funding, school districts must provide a minimum 170 days and 1,098 hours of student instruction .

Lucky for C-A students, only two extra days are needed because the district traditionally schedules more than the minimum number of days required by state law, Tunnicliff said.

Originally, the last day of school was Wednesday, June 11, so the two additional days will be Thursday and Friday, to round out the week.

Under the revised schedule, K-12 programming will include the following changes:

• Monday, June 9, will be a full day for all students.

• Tuesday, June 10 will be a full day for all students.

• Wednesday, June 11 will be a full day for elementary students; and a half-day for middle and high school students due to exams.

• Thursday, June 12 will be a half-day y for all students (exams for middle and high school students).

• Friday, June 13 will be a halfday for all students (exams for middle and high school students)

Carman-­ Ainsworth also runs several alternative education programs that operate on different calendars and requirements. Parents of students attending those school will receive a separate notice about schedule revisions for makeup days. — Rhonda Sanders

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