Schools: No clowning around

FLINT TWP. — Because of the nationwide scary clown craze, Carman- Ainsworth Schools Superintendent Eddie Kindle recently posted an advisory Letter for Parents and Guardians on the district’s website.

C-A schools has not received any threats or had any confirmed clown sightings but is taking a proactive stance to reassure families about steps taken to ensure student safety and to remind parents to monitor their children’s use of social media.

“A number of communities across the country are dealing with rumors circulating on social media that are related to “clowns” making vague threats to students and/or school communities,” Kindle said “ I have been in communication with our police liaison officers, and there have been no confirmed “clown” sightings or threats to our students, staff, or schools.” Kindle also said he has received very few calls from concerned parents.

“Regardless, student safety is our first priority and there has not been any reason to have our buildings in any type of lockdown situation,’” he said.

He also cautioned against students being tempted to join the craze.

“False rumors or vague threats made under the anonymity and/or made-up screen name of a “clown” take valuable resources away from our school communities and our local police departments.” he said. “In many cases reported throughout the country, individuals perpetuating these threats have been arrested and charged quite extensively.” Kindle encouraged parents to take the opportunity to talk to their children about the responsible use of technology and social media.

“We do not want our students to be tempted to contribute inappropriately to the “clown” conversation without thinking through the serious consequences of these actions,” he said.

Read his entire letter online at .http://

The message is especially timely with Halloween and costumed events coming up in the next few weeks.

There have been recent unconfirmed reports of scary clowns in Genesee County and in other parts of Michigan.

In related news, Target stores announced this week that it is removing creepy clown masks from it shelves due to the increased rash of reported sightings. Some of the clowns reportedly have terrorized or tried to lure children.

Rather than cheerful faces, the scary clowns, also known as killer, evil and creepy clowns, tend to have frightening features such as huge rotted teeth, bloody scars, bulging bloodshot eyes and wild hair among other disfiguration.

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