Season’s Greetings



Baker College-Flint has been lighting up its little corner of Flint Township since 1988 when it moved to its new campus at Bristol and Fenton roads. Thousands of lights hung from buildings and draped around trees create a spectacular light display unrivaled by any other outdoor holiday lighting in the township.

“We actually start putting the lights up in the first part of October of each year,” said Marvin Dean, director of facilities. “Our target date for turning them on has been the Wednesday before Thanksgiving of every year.”

About 190 man-hours are required to put up and take down the luminaries, he said. Over the past three years, the display has been converted to LED lights due to availability, durability and operation costs, Dean said. Other than that, nothing new has been added to the display during the past five years but they do try to rotate the light arrangements on the trees to give passersby a fresh look to ooh and ahh over each year.

The amount of lighting used each year varies due to tree heights and power constraints, Dean said. But this year’s display includes 1,029 strings of miniature lights with 50 bulbs per string, for a glistening total of 51,450 bulbs. Also there are 154 strings of larger bulbs (C-9’s) with 25 per string, plus 1,621 strings of C-9 wall units for a dazzling total of 5,471 bulbs. — Photo by Rhonda Sanders

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