Security guard loves working with people, students at Grand Blanc schools

Ronald Randall

Ronald Randall

GRAND BLANC — Security guard Ronald Randall said he doesn’t think of himself as an everyday hero.

However, his work at Grand Blanc High School keeps him busy and out-front during the COVID epidemic, while many other Michiganders work from home.

Randall has worked for Grand Blanc Schools since 2002 and is quick to point out that if he is an everyday hero, then so are his fellow staff members.

His duties during the COVID shutdown included screening visitors to the school and helping distribute schoolwork for the “Bobcat Virtual Learning” at the west campus. As a part of the security team, he is also a first responder for all types of medical and safety emergencies in the school.

Randall says he loves working with people and students and enjoys seeing how much the kids learn as they grow from children to young adults. “COVID took away a lot of my interactions with the staff and students, and I miss that, he said.”

He has also helped others during the pandemic by taking people to doctor’s visits and shopping for them when they needed it. He also lost a family member to COVID when an uncle, who survived a stroke last winter, was sent to rehab to get his strength back. When COVID broke out in his assisted living center, he passed away in the spring.

Now that the students are coming back to school, Randall finds it is nice to get back to keeping the students and staff safe from intruders and helping them get proper care if they have COVID symptoms.

In addition to these vital tasks, Randall sad he also feels it is part of his job to let the kids know how important they are, that the staff wants them to succeed and feel safe and know that COVID will soon pass.

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