Seeking answers from elected officials

On July 30, I contacted State Representative Tim Sneller, Congressman Dan Kildee, and Senators Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow, left my contact information and stated these “specific questions I wanted answered”:

“How many (undocumented immigrants) are in Michigan? Where are they? How much are they costing Michigan? What are the safeguards preventing illegals’ access to voter registration?”

“Your opinion on defunding the police; mandating masks, vaccines, or vaccine passports; BLM; whether Equity, CRT, 1619 Project, and Abolitionist Teaching Network should be taught in our schools; and voter integrity regulations?”

As of 4 p.m. Monday, 8-2-21, no responses from Kildee, Peters, Stabenow, or their representatives, though I indicated my intent to include their “response or lack of response in a letter to the editor.”

Why no response? Incompetence? Indifference? At election time they excitedly assure us they will be devoted representatives of us, our county, and our state, so why are they, our liaisons to Washington, reluctant to account for their yea or nay votes affecting each and every one of us? Wouldn’t YOU like answers to those — and more — questions? Their contact information is easily accessed so you can do just that.

However, Tim Sneller did respond to me on Aug. 2.

He “has no idea how many (undocumented immigrants) are in Michigan. It is up to the INS to know that.”

He wouldn’t discuss “Voter I.D. laws being likened to Jim Crow,” but basically supports voter I.D.

He has no opinion on CRT, etc., which he “has heard of,” because he “has no kids in school,” and “it is up to the school board and the parents who elect them” to dictate school curriculum. (Grand Blanc Community Schools’ next board meeting is Aug. 9. See the district’s website.)

He is against defunding police.

He voted to ban vaccine passports.

Sneller will be available at the Grand Blanc and Burton senior centers on Aug. 27.

Seeing the chaos in various cities — homelessness, random unprovoked assaults and shootings, innocents being murdered — the slight inconveniences we encounter: reduced inventory, store hours, and workforce, resulting in long lines at stores (though I meet the nicest people in line) — we have much to be grateful for: first, our excellent police force who keep us safe and the dedicated, pleasant, helpful, and efficient employees who do go to work every day. Thank you, one and all.

God Bless, Protect, Help — and Save — with our Help — America the Beautiful! — Theresa Weigand, Grand Blanc