Seems everyone has a morning routine



Rushing out the door the other morning to make an 8:30 a.m. meeting in Lapeer, I skipped my usual morning coffee to buy myself more time to get to where I needed to be.

Coffee is something I enjoy — but only in fall and winter. The rest of the year I can take it or leave it, but I know there are some people who rely on coffee to get them going every morning. That’s when I started to think — everybody has a morning ritual.

For me its breakfast, a shower and then coffee as I’m heading out the door. Pretty simple, since usually I don’t give myself enough time.

Anita is usually up with enough time to get ready and run out the door, sometimes only taking a granola bar on the way. Silly girl, she likes to get those few extra minutes of sleep before she’s willing to wake up and get moving.

I asked my friends on Facebook what their routines are and I found everybody does something a little different, but there is often a common denominator — coffee.

“Coffee, shower, coffee,” says my friend Christine.

“Silence with coffee,” says Elaine.

“Coffee, coffee and more coffee!” says Melanie.

Yep, I’d say coffee is almost universal. Some like their coffee with breakfast or a little TV, others enjoy just sitting with their steaming cup of java.

“No TV or talking aloud,” says Wendy. “Make-up, hair and coffee at the vanity … in silence or there will be problems.”

Wow. Sounds intense. Drink that coffee before someone has a bad day.

Others are like Anita and I. Our old classmate Don keeps it simple: “Shower, dressed, out the door to work I go!” Dena makes it a little more complicated. “Number one morning ritual is the dogs. This is a must, as they are terribly aggressive for potty time first thing in the morn. No coffee, dress, pack lunch, grab breakfast (usually a sweet roll and ice tea) to eat in car while heading off to work.”

I forgot about the dog as part of the ritual. I take Gunnar out usually within five minutes of getting out of bed. But honestly it’s hard to include that as part of the ritual because I’m too tired to remember it.

“Always breakfast before coffee or my metabolism is solely dedicated to caffeine usage all day!” says Andrea L.

Irene enjoys getting a few important things to her out of the way before breakfast. “A shower than I read my daily devotional and after that eat breakfast,” she said.

Former classmate Julie has it rough in the mornings: “Break up a fight between my teenagers, cry, then shower.”

Don’t cry Julie, just have some coffee.

I thought Anita and I weren’t good morning people, but my friend Emily takes the prize: “I sit and reflect on the two hours of sleep that I just had. It takes me at least 45 minutes of either laying in silence or watching TV before I’m cordial. I have a VERY grumpy face and demeanor in the morning. I make my way to the kitchen for a glass of milk. After that, it depends on the day. But I certainly don’t eat for the first three hours, or I’ll puke.”

I think you should just stay in bed, Emily. Really, it’s OK. Mornings seriously aren’t for everyone.

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