Senior center drainage repairs put out for bid

FLINT TWP. — The township board is seeking bids to fix drainage issues at the Senior Citizens Center, 2071 S. Graham Road. Plans also call for relocating the trash dumpster to alleviate damage to the parking lot caused by the heavy garbage trucks.

Problems at the center, which shares the building with the Genesee District Library, first came to the board’s attention last summer. That included mold issues and flooding of the library caused by poor drainage. Township Supervisor Karyn Miller and Building Director Tracey Tucker met with an engineer and architect to devise a remedy.

A project estimated at $600,000 was presented last fall by Kraft Engineering. That included a $500,000 expansion of the senior center building which director Pam Luna said is getting overcrowded.

Noting that fixing the drainage problems is most pressing, Miller said the township, which owns the building, did not have to address all the needed improvements at once.

The board is seeking bids to fix drainage problems and a sewer line problem. Tackling both problem while equipment is on site will cut costs in the long run, Tucker said.

Existing drainage problems are primarily located around the perimeter of the west half of the build- ing, according to engineer Mike Pifer. Low grading and improper sloping at several areas along the wall traps rainfall and storm water drainage from the roof downspouts along the outside edge of the building. Some storm water seeps into the library along the south wall.

To fix the problem, a roof/foundation drain will be constructed along the outside wall of the west half of the building that will discharge into the Graham Road ditch through an extension basin with a restricted outlet pipe. as required by the Genesee County Road Commission. Total estimated cost for the project is $22,000

Specs and a cost estimate were not provided for relocating the dumpster pad. Options still are under review.

The road commission shot down a plan to place the dumpster pad on the north side of the building, approaching on Brown Street, which is unpaved. Miller said it would cost $60,00 to pave the street. Another proposal would place the pad on the south side of the building where the existing dumpster is located.

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