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Super Bowl XLV is all set for Feb. 6 in Arlington, Texas. The Pittsburgh Steelers, owners of six Super Bowl rings, will clash with the owners of three Super Bowl rings, the Green Bay Packers. Yes, it’s Steel Town vs. Title Town. The black and gold taking on green and gold. However, gold is not the color these teams are looking for; it’s silver, the color of the Lombardi Trophy.

I feel as this is a dream matchup of a Super Bowl. But, who will hoist the trophy here in a couple of weeks? I don’t have my Super Bowl selection ready just yet. That will come in next week’s paper. I do know this: the boys from Las Vegas have installed the Packers as two-point favorites over the Pittsburgh Steelers. I thought that was a little surprising, to be quite honest. How can a six seed be favored over the number-two seed of the AFC? I don’t get it, either. Let’s look back and see how these teams arrived as the two finalists for the Lombardi Trophy.

The NFC title game between Chicago and Green Bay had numerous twists and turns to it. Twist number one is the fact the Packers looked at halftime like they would blow out the Packers. The Pack was up, 14-0, and moving the football at will. The Bears’ offense was anemic and Jay Cutler was a mess in progress. Cutler found a way to hurt his knee and could only last one series in the second half. He finished the game 6-of-13 for 80 yards and a Joey Harrington-like passer rating of 31.8.

The passer rating was not the hot topic following the game. The hot topic became a question of Cutler’s toughness. I think that is a pretty bold accusation to make. What player would not want to finish a great season and a possible trip to the Super Bowl by faking an injury? It’s absurd and ridiculous, in my opinion. Jay Cutler is the only one who knows how hurt he really is. Brian Urlacher came to his defense and let it be known Cutler is one tough player and that is that.

Let’s go to twist number two. Todd Collins, the second stringer, lasted only two series before one third stringer named Caleb Hanie. No, he didn’t play on Green Acres! Mr. Hanie played at Colorado State. He actually beat out Dan Lefevour from Central Michigan in training camp. Hanie played well, but in the end, threw the interception that ended the Bears’ season. I want to say that Jay Cutler ended up with a sprained medial collateral in his knee. The Bears had a nice season, but like hunting season, Bear season is done until next year.

The Steelers jumped on the

New York Jets and stunned

Rex’s boys by pounding the run right at the Jets’ defense. Pittsburgh held a 24-3 lead at halftime.

The Jets needed a new engine to run their plane. I give the Jets credit, as they rallied in the second half to make it a football game. The Steelers’ defense rose to a huge fourth-quarter stop of the Jets’ offense. I thought the playcalling was suspect on the Jets’ part. One very bad pass and a fourth-down running play, which was stuffed like a double Oreo cookie. The Steelers had to protect a five-point lead with three minutes left. Big Ben completed a huge third-down completion and it was game, set, and match. Pittsburgh comes out with the “W.” The Jets falter for the second time in the AFC Championship game in back-to-back years.

Here we go Steelers, here we go, All the way to the Super Bowl, was the chant at Heinz Field. A good old favorite amongst Pittsburgh fans. The Steelers are the model franchise in the NFL and have the number-one organization in the NFL. The Pittsburgh Steelers go to the Super Bowl as regularly as I open the refrigerator door.

Baseball fans, spring training is only three weeks away. Man, that just doesn’t seem possible. The Tigers made a deal on Monday with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Gone is Armando Galarraga, traded for two minor league pitchers. Kevin Eichhorn, a right-hander, and Ryan Robowski, a left-hander, are Tiger property now. Both of these pitchers have never pitched above Class A in the minors. Armando was 4- 9 with a 4.49 ERA last season. Hopefully, he does well in Arizona.

Evgeni Nabokov signed by the Red Wings from the KBL Russian League for $570,000, is not coming to Detroit. The NY Islanders signed him under the waiver wire. Mr. Nabokov says he is not reporting to the Islanders team. Stay tuned. .

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