Shame, shame on you, Lions’ fans



I say shame, shame and more shame on all those so-called Lions fans who left their seats early at Ford Field on Sunday. Anyone who follows the NFL knows it isn’t over until the clock ticks zero. Detroit was only down 13 points with 5:18 left in the football game. That’s only a two score game!

I could see leaving if it was 17 points or more. I can honestly say that I would have left also if that was the case. The people who left? I say they were Saints fans. Why? I say they were Saint Bernards. That is because they were a bunch of dogs who quit on their hometown team, the Detroit Lions!

I admit it didn’t look good for the Kitty Cats who were basically meowless for three quarters and a half. Then Golden Tate put some life into the Lions with a long touchdown catch. Then comes the number-one defense (it still seems awkward saying that about a Lions’ defense) and Glover Quin’s critical pick of Drew “Breeze!” The Lions offense takes advantage with a Matt Stafford to Corey Fuller 5-yard touchdown pass and it’s 24-23. The roar was restored with two touchdowns with 3:38 on the clock. The “Defend the Den” defense seals it with a fourth-down stop of the Saints Go Marching Out! The Saints have now suffered seven straight road losses. When the Saints “Hit the Road Jack” they usually bring a loss back! For the Lions fans who left, I say this to you: Don’t ever give up on your hometown team because anything can happen in the NFL. The fans who left early deserve a scolding and a time out in the corner!

The Lions will take on Atlanta this Sunday in London and game time is 9:30 a.m. Lions fans, set your clocks early this Sunday! Roar!

Backyard sprawl

The Michigan State and Michigan football rivalry resumes at 3:30 p.m. on Saturday in East Lansing. Michigan State would love to take home the Paul Bunyan Trophy once again. Guess what? They will! At one time, Michigan dominated the Spartans in this series. The record was 30-8 from 1970 through 2007 in Michigan’s favor. Then a guy named Mark Dantonio arrived in 2007 and MSU has won five of the last six. The all-time series record stands at 68-33-5 in favor of Michigan.

MSU has dominated Michigan and whipped them pretty good in the last six years. Michigan did win one and didn’t even score a touchdown! Michigan State will dominate them this Saturday in a blowout win. Las Vegas has installed the Spartans as 16-point favorites. They could give me Michigan and 26 points and it wouldn’t be enough, trust me. The Sparty Party will be on by halftime in this one college football fans. The cheeseball prediction: Green and White 45 and Blue in the Face again 13.

What are the odds?

The World Series began on Tuesday night in Kansas City. I find it astonishing that both of these two clubs won their one-game wild card game. What do you think those odds were at the beginning of the MLB Playoffs? I imagine they were pretty high. I think this World Series will be a great one. The two teams win by playing blue collar baseball: by manufacturing runs without hits, good defense, and nice bullpens. These two clubs are not home-runhitting teams, they lack power. But the starting pitching is tremendous on both teams. I am picking the red-hot Kansas City Royals in seven games.

Time for my NFL Picks:

San Diego +7 over DENVER
Detroit -3.5 over ATLANTA
Chicago +6.5 over NEW ENG.
K. CITY -6 over St. Louis
Seattle -4 over CAROLINA
N.Y. JETS -3 over Buffalo
Miami -4.5 over JACKSON.
Houston -2 over TENNESSEE
CINCINNATI- 1 over Baltimore
ARIZONA -3 over Philadelphia
Indianapolis -3 over PITTSBURGH
CLEVELAND- 7 over Oakland
N. ORLEANS- 2 over Green Bay
Washington + 9.5 over DALLAS
LAST WEEK: 7-8 SEASON: 55-49-2

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