Shaw released on probation, time served

FLINT — Following a plea deal giving her a chance to prove she was worthy of leniency last year, even after her mother died following the abuse and neglect at the hands of her daughter, Marilyn Shaw was released on 48-months’ probation and time served for the charge of Elder Abuse.

Judge Joseph J. Farah agreed Attorney Matt Smith for the prosecutor said Renee Handlon suffered horribly for month at the hands of Shaw and Shaw admitted she would have to live the rest of her life with what she had done.

Shaw had served 458 days in jail, (1 year, 3 months) she said she deals daily with the heartbreak knowing what transpired and said while in jail she tried to be a model prisoner.

“Now that I’m out I just want to try and get my life back,” Shaw said, adding she missed her mother dearly. She said she nursed her father and husband for eight years previously, both of whom she said passed from cancer and it ‘breaks her heart’ that she failed in her duty.

“it’s a tragic situation,” Farah claimed. “The conditions, Mr. Smith said were deplorable. I don’t know how it got so bad, if you got in over your head and couldn’t do it you should have asked for help.” He said aside from a prior misdemeanor she had no criminal record and he would “take a chance” base on her good behavior during the deferred sentencing he issued in September, 2018.

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