Sheriff’s department reports three jail employees sick with coronavirus

FLINT — Three Genesee County Sheriff’s Department employees have contracted COVID- 19, said Interim Sheriff Chris Swanson, April 15.

Swanson said one was a food service vendor from the Genesee County Jail’s food service. She was put in quarantine after she tested positive for COVID-19, said Swanson. A deputy who works at the jail then tested positive April 13 and another tested positive April 14.

The 430 inmates currently housed at the jail are all reportedly healthy. Swanson said the jail released everybody it possibly could, according to the governor and the Michigan Supreme Court’s guidelines. Those who are still in the jail are either assaultive, have assaultive warrants, are being held for OWI or are people with domestic violence charges.

“We have a great rapport, constant contact with those in the jail,” said Swanson. “We don’t have any inmates infected, but we have three staff members. That’s too many. My heart goes out to multiple (law enforcement) people who are infected like their brothers and sisters in Wayne County. There are well over 100. Lives have been taken by this disease, so in our jail facility we’re doing everything we can to keep it out and to protect those who are in.”

One of the things Swanson said everyone at the jail is doing is wearing masks. He said the policy is applied to staff, inmates and even to the sheriff himself.

“We’re all wearing masks, to not only keep that social distancing going, but to keep anything from being passed from the expectorant of your mouth and nose,” said Swanson. “We’re all in this together. Hopefully we won’t have any more cases.”