Show care for others during hard times

I would like to encourage everyone in our community not to forget to build friendships during this time when we are physically distant from each other. It may be hard, given the social barriers that are now forced upon us, but friendships are crucial. They could be the difference between life and death for some people, considering the level of depression which has skyrocketed since the beginning of this pandemic. Sacrificing time to give focused attention to someone else is worth the effort. Knowing that someone cares about you helps build self-esteem in a positive way.

However, real friendships seem to grow best in person. There’s something uniquely special about building a friendship in person without distractions. Friendships can be established by using technology, but it’s not the same. Trust, physical touch, honesty, and understanding are all key components of good friendships. These are particularly developed through in-person communication. Take a walk in the park; have a picnic in your yard together; get creative!

Friendships are important but it is most important to build a relationship with the Friend who will never desert you (Proverbs 18:24). — Mary Mieczkowski, age 17, Grand Blanc