Show your support, not pity for Flint



The Flint water crisis has been a terrible thing for this community to endure. Children, men and women sickened by high levels of lead in the water and the corrosion to the city’s water system infrastructure.

I’ve heard some stories of people who want to take pity on Flint residents.The sympathy is appreciated, but I think people ought to stop feeling sorry for the city and instead support the leaders of Flint who are going to press on.

Flint has survived the loss of the auto industry, it overcame economic hard times and survived monumental events like the sit-down strike, the Beecher tornado and Roger & Me.

It will take more than corroded pipes and contaminated water to bring the city to its knees.

I heard someone tell the story of how they went to a restaurant out of the area and when asked by a waitress where they were from, they told her they were from Flint.

The waitress was genuinely concerned for the wellbeing of the customer. So much so their meal and drinks were free and they left with a pack of bottled water.

Want to really help Flint? Keep putting pressure on the government to do more for the people you are concerned about. Someone needs to be held accountable for this injustice. While the people of Flint struggle daily to have clean water to drink, cook with and bathe in, the powers that be just keep pointing fingers at one another trying to place the blame.

There is no reason to feel sorry for anyone. Pity is not needed in Flint, but strength … strength in numbers of people standing up and telling the state government it is their responsibility to fix this mess. The state has caused too much damage and has turned a blind eye to the predicament the people of Flint are burdened with.

Feeling sorry for the city of Flint is not how this city needs to be looked upon. Flint is, and was, on the fast track to going through an economic renewal which has begun its transformation from former automotive giant to upbeat college town. The water crisis has harmed that, but with time and the support of good people who care about the city, the economic upturn will continue.

Help Flint by expressing your disdain for the government’s lack of logical thinking and brazen disregard for the population of the city. Apparently somewhere along the line it became OK to poison men, women and children, but not to step up and take responsibility for your actions.

But enough about who is responsible for the water crisis and why, I just hope people stop pitying Flint and instead help it stand strong as the city moves ahead. Hopefully soon we will see the water crisis resolved, the construction of a new water infrastructure in Flint and some sort of accountability by our government for the damage it has done — all in the name of saving a few bucks.

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