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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Detroit Tiger baseball is winding down here in 2010. Will they play spoilers down the stretch? The Tigers have many games left with the Chicago White Sox. It’s strange to think that by defeating the Sox they hand the Central Division title to the Minnesota Twins. While I am mentioning the “Twinkies” I must tip my fork to them. The Twins’ record after the All-Star break is fabulous every single season for the past few seasons. How do they do it? It’s just amazing to me.

How about another tip of the fork to Johnny Damon! Mr. Damon was picked up on waivers by his ex-team the Boston Red Sox. Johnny exercised his right to waive the move and stayed a Detroit Tiger. I have become a Johnny Damon fan this baseball season, and I hope he comes back again in 2011.

Let’s also give props to Detroit for playing the young kids the rest of the way out this season. Brandon Inge just collected his 1,000th hit as a Detroit Tiger. One more Tiger feat happened in that Brennen Boesch and Austin Jackson each collected 100 hits as rookies in the same season. The last two to do that in Tiger uniforms as rookies? Yes, you are correct if you said Alan Trammell and “Sweet Lou” Whitaker.

Big win for Lions

Lions football was in action last Saturday night in Denver. The Lions pulled off a pre-season road win, 25- 20. Hey a win is a win if you follow the Lions. It wasn’t the win that was impressive though.The impressive part was the whole entire look offensively and defensively from the first stringers.

Offensively, the Lions looked pretty darned good. I see the potential for numerous points and fireworks each

and every Sunday afternoon. The defense is still the wildcard, as it will give up numerous points on some Sundays. It’s still a better defense than what us Lions fans have witnessed the last 10 years. Competitive football this season is what I am looking for. A home game is on tap this Saturday at 5:30 p.m. Preseason game number three is the regular season dress

rehearsal. Can the Lions dress down the the Cleveland Browns

this Saturday night? I say, yes they can. Why not go in head first and say they will pound Cleveland. Come on, Lions, put on a good show for the Lions fans who paid full price for this exhibition game!

The big countdown begins

The college football schedule takes off next Thursday night. That is only nine days away, as it is Tuesday night here in Erie, Pa. Man, I can’t wait. What is going to happen in Ann Arbor and East Lansing?

Michigan is entering year three of the West Virginia hillbilly’s tenure as Michigan’s coach. The “Hilrod” is under the microscope and better produce wins this coming fall. He is not on the hot seat; it’s more like the electric chair. A losing season means a new coach will be in charge running the Maize and Blue football squad. Losing is unacceptable in Ann Arbor.

I have not heard much talk up in East Lansing. The Spartans are quietly going about their business. Sparty offense should be electric and exciting with numerous points scored by the green and white. The defensive secondary will get picked on, as it is not very good. Greg Jones the linebacker is an absolute stud. He will need to be here in 2010.

Let’s kick off the college season!!

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