Simms Chevrolet undergoes corproate remodel

Simms Chevrolet will get a new uniform look which includes the showroom, service lane and retail parts area.

Simms Chevrolet will get a new uniform look which includes the showroom, service lane and retail parts area.

CLIO — Simms Chevrolet on Vienna Road in Clio is currently undergoing the General Motors mandated remodel of its dealership.

General Motors started the remodel program in 2010, which will see Chevrolet dealerships conform to a uniform look, including a blue and silver exterior along with white, silver, gray and orange in the showroom.

“All Chevy dealers will go through this process,” said Jim Simms, partner at Simms Chevrolet. “It has been really well accepted. It goes hand in hand with the new image of General Motors.”

The remodel of the Simms Chevrolet dealership includes the entire area of the showroom, the service lane and the retail parts area.

“Anywhere the customer would walk in the store to do business will be remodeled,” Simms said.

Simms added that the only area not included in the remodel is the body shop.

The majority of the work on the remodel project is expected to be completed in 6-8 weeks.

“We should be having our first open house by October,” Simms said.

Simms said he expects the remodel to attract business to the dealership.

“When the ownership takes an interest in their business presence, others will take an interest in you,” he said.

Simms Chevrolet is a Chevrolet franchise dealership and sells new Chevy automobiles. The dealership also has a body shop and a full service garage that services all General Motors models as well as other domestic and foreign automobiles.

Simms Chevrolet was originally purchased by Jim Simms’ father, Jack Simms, back in 1957. Jim Simms and his brother Bruce Simms are the current partners at the dealership.

Simms said people choose their dealership because they maintain a family atmosphere.

“There is a lot of stores in the area where owners don’t go in the stores. We are one of the few stores where both owners hold offices and work Monday through Friday,” he said. “Anyone who comes in the showroom can walk in my office.”

Simms also said people choose there dealership because they seem to be better on pricing for trades and new cars.

“We got a pretty aggressive pricing

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