Skaff donates carpet squares for 200 classrooms



FLINT — For the third consecutive year, Skaff Furniture Carpet One will hold an event to support local teachers.

This year, Skaff will give away 6000 carpet squares to teachers.

According to Dick Skaff, it’s become an important event.

“Every year in late summer we would have teachers come to us to see if we had discontinued carpet samples we could give them. We gave away all we had every year. Then a few years ago we decided to really respond to the need.” he said.

That year the furniture and flooring company posted an offer on Facebook le.

This year Skaff has scoured the state looking for carpet squares, collecting discontinued samples from retailers and manufacturers. So this season they won’t run out.

“We don’t want to disappoint any teachers,” Skaff said. “So this year we have enough for 200 classrooms. We are really excited to help out this way.” — L.R.