Skaff Furniture, Serta Restokraft join forces to aid in Flint crisis

FLINT — Skaff Furniture-Carpet One and Serta Restokraft Mattress Company partnered up to deliver a 53-foot semitruck packed with 36,432 16-ounce bottles of water at 5402 Hill Dr., Friday morning last week for aid in the Flint crisis.

A release to the press said plans for the project came to fruition when Skaff was contacted by President and CEO Larry Kraft of Serta Restokraft “to see if the Flint-based furniture and carpet store would be interested in working together.

Kraft turned the idea into a collaborative effort after Shaun Caplis, a sales representative on the Skaff account, contacted him by email to see if there was any interest in a partnership.

“The water has been bottled by Absopure, out of Plymouth, Michigan,” said Kraft. “The Serta Restokraft and Skaff organizations are buying the water from Sherwood Food Distributors in Detroit. And we’re using one of our Serta semitrucks to deliver the water.”

Skaff and Serta Restokraft, family owned companies, and each have been in business for more than 100 years in the state of Michigan.

“We are thankful Mr. Kraft asked us to be involved; giving back to our community is a priority for us,” said Skaff Furniture and Carpet President Dick Skaff. “Flint is struggling through a difficult time and for the Serta Restokraft group to step up and help demonstrates the outstanding quality of the company we’ve dealt with for all these years.”

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