Slezak to challenge Elkins for supervisor’s position in Davison Twp.



DAVISON TWP. — Former State Rep. Jim Slezak will vie for the job of supervisor for Davison Township when he faces incumbent Timothy Elkins for the position, Nov. 3.

Elkins, a Democrat and longtime trustee on the board, was appointed to serve as supervisor in 2018 when then- Supervisor Karen Miller retired from the position mid-term.

He is opposed by Slezak, a Republican, who previously served a term as 50th District State House representative.

Here is what the candidates had to say in their own words:

Timothy W. Elkins, Age: 60

Education: Oakland Community College


• 2020/2021 reduction of township expenditures from last year’s Budget by $626,000

• Zero increase to township residents in budget for water rates, sewer rates, operating millage, police special assessment, fires special assessment, garbage rates, employee and police wages

• Multiple road improvement projects: Court Street, Gale Rd, Bristol Rd, Henderson Rd, Lippincott Blvd

• Sale of unused township properties turned township expenses into dollars used toward funding township improvements and generating ongoing tax revenue

• Cemetery improvements through both volunteer efforts and new signs

• Successful collaboration with state and regional agencies to bring $1,183,000 of improvement dollars into Davison Township

• Founding member Davison Fund (Endowment fund for Davison community projects and services)

• Past president and current member Davison Kiwanis Club, Creator of Davison Middle School Soccer Program and Director, Davison High School soccer Coach

• Davison Area Advisory Council member bringing over $200,000 in funding to the community

• Elected member of the Board of Trustees for 14 years providing crucial insight into township history and projects

• Developed and executing 3-year plan to remove dirt mound and restore field from Lake Callis project

Tell us what your goals are for the community if elected? Develop a 10-year plan for township infrastructure improvements to paved and gravel roads, subdivision paving, sewer system upgrades, township hall maintenance and improvements, township parks maintenance and improvements. Including maintenance and improvements to Senior Center Authority building and parking lot.

• Develop Fire Authority future planning

• Continue fiscally responsible budget planning to include maximizing regional and state dollars available for township maintenance and improvement

• Continue to attract businesses to Davison Township to create local jobs and enhance the community

• Working with DDA to maintain M-15 and Irish Rd on and off ramps mowing. Looking to start grant programs through DDA to help enhance our DDA District

Jim Slezak, Age: 54

Education: Davison High School 1985, Yale University, Political Science 1989

Accomplishments: Successful Business Owner, Successful Realtor, Former State Representative, Davison High School Varsity Baseball Coach, married to wife Kathleen for 24 years and we have three children Bridgette, Gabrielle and Jack. I am the owner of the Dance Connection in Davison.

Tell us what your goals are for the community if elected? I will work to get rid of Taxpayer funded Transportation for the township board (I will not expect the taxpayers to pay for my car).

To make sure that there is transparency, not only in the office of the supervisor but also in every area of the township. As public servants, we need to be open with the public in everything that we do.

As supervisor I will work to make the township office a place where citizens can come in and feel comfortable getting their questions answered. I will treat people with respect and never belittle or take for granted someone else’s role in township business.

I will work to improve our working relationship with Richfield Township and the City of Davison for the better. We should all be willing to work together for the good of all of Davison.

I will work to promote positive business growth in the township and support all local businesses. We need to be open to new and all business opportunities and not deter people from becoming a member of the Davison Township community.

The Genesee County View will run more candidate profiles over the coming weeks for the various races through the county.