Sloan Museum exhibits pre-historic dinosaurs and historic vehicles at Courtland Center



BURTON — Roaring, moving, animatronic dinosaurs are thundering into Courtland Center—part of Sloan Museum’s new 10,000-square-foot exhibition space in the Burton mall.

Set to debut June 16, the pre-historic creatures of Dinosaurs Unearthed will be joined by more than 40 vehicles, all with historic ties to Flint and Genesee County. Tickets are on sale now at

Why open an exhibition space at Courtland Center? Some of these life-size dinosaurs are so big, they don’t fit inside Sloan Museum. The 16-foot Apatosaurus and 15-foot Gigantoraptor surpass Sloan Museum’s ceiling heights. While repairs are made to Buick Gallery, Sloan Museum’s annex exhibition space for historic automobiles, the Courtland Center exhibition ensures that a large part of Sloan Museum’s collection of historic vehicles can be enjoyed by a wide audience. Sloan Museum will remain open in the Flint Cultural Center during this special exhibition.

Dinosaurs Unearthed explores the exciting discovery of feathered dinosaurs and their connection to modern day birds, featuring 18 animatronic dinosaurs and striking reproductions of the fossil evidence that led scientists to believe that dinosaurs are the ancestors of modern birds, not reptiles as previously thought. Visitors will see giant skeletons, fossil casts of skulls, claws, and horns, real specimens of Mosasaur an d Spinosaurus teeth, an Oviraptor egg, and even coprolite (dinosaur poop).

“Dinosaurs Unearthed brings the latest research on dinosaurs to life with exciting animatronic moving dinosaurs, and also looks at the fossil evidence linking these amazing creatures and modern day birds,” Sloan Museum Executive Director Todd Slisher said. “This exhibit is bigger and better than any other dinosaur exhibit hosted by Sloan Museum in its history.” Details: Visit G.G.

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