Smith is the best choice for 9th District County Commissioner

I’m writing to express my support for Matthew Smith in the upcoming County Commission election. Mr. Smith currently serves on the Davison Board of Education where he works diligently on behalf of our kiddos and our district each month in the boardroom. Matthew Smith has increased transparency and public participation on our school board.

Mr. Smith tells the community when the meetings are held, he updates us on agenda items and what really goes on in the district. He votes “No” when he feels something is not right.

Mr. Smith has always made himself available to help people. As I look at the County Commission race, I feel Matthew Smith would be an absolute asset to Genesee County.

Smith will put people before politics and help improve the 9th district. His experience as the Supervisory Committee person for ELGA Credit Union will help benefit our current county debt crisis. Smith’s position as President of the Genesee County Neighborhood Watch will help ensure proper decisions are made in the Sheriff’s Department as well.

Smith’s community service as a Eucharist Minster for St. John’s Catholic Church and as the Right to Life Board Secretary shows he will lead with Faith in God. I have recently watched the good ol’ boys try and attack him but rather than attack back he has stayed positive and focused on the issues of Genesee County. Join me in voting for Matthew Smith to expand his public service as our next 9th District County Commissioner. — Tracy Bennett, Davison Township