Smith needs to keep in mind it’s not all about him

What a pleasure it was to see the Davison graduation ceremony take place in a real setting and watch how the seniors were so happy to be together. Even though I could not be there in person, it was a privilege to watch it on DTV. The program was terrific!

With everything so joyful, I was really disturbed over the actions of one School Board member. When the names of the graduates were called, all clapped for them except one, Matthew Smith. He was on the stage and everything he did and did not do was televised by DTV. He talked with fellow board members on both his left and right (even though they seemed to want to witness and take part in the ceremony), he had his phone out and even took a picture of a graduate. In my opinion, that behavior is not a good representative of what the Davison Schools system is. If Matthew thinks it’s all about him, he needs to move on.

I am also troubled on the pending charges against him. If they are true, he should stand up, live up to it and take the consequences, apologize, and step down from the Davison School Board. The School Board position is not a place to make everything political. — Bob Beckelic, Davison