Smith, Pickell, Goyette put staff first

Dear Editor,

Upon reviewing recent meeting minutes of the Davison school board, I noticed the board was pushing for salary increase for the Superintendent, despite the objection of three board members.

According to the minutes, the personnel committee proposed the raise and sent it to the full board. However three board members did not know until the time of the meeting that every staffing group in the district was receiving raises/reached agreements but the paraprofessionals.

The record indicates that Matthew Smith, Stefanie Pickell, and Nicholas Goyette raised objections to the superintendent receiving a raise until all staff were taken care of first. This included paraprofessionals, which as Mrs. Pickell stated were amongst the lowest paid staff. Shouldn’t all staff reach their agreement before the Superintendent gets his raise?

Pickell, Goyette, and Smith had suggested to the board to consider postponing the Superintendent raise out of respect for paraprofessionals since the Superintendent waited for other staffing to get their raise. However the motion passed 4-3 (Matt Smith, Stefanie Pickell, Nick Goyette Voting No).

As a result of the questions asked, it seemed to have put pressure on the situation. The paraprofessionals were awarded their raise and reached an agreement by the next meeting.

Thank you Mr. Smith, Mr. Goyette, and Mrs. Pickell for fighting for the paraprofessionals at the board table. As a step-dad to a Davison student, it is refreshing to see new faces on the school board…it is finally changing and shaking things up for all, including the lowest paid staff. — Dustin A. Rhinebolt