Smoking cessation program best in state

GRAND BLANC — Thanks to a revolutionary new insight into the psyche of smokers, Tomlinson Medical Hypnotherapy has announced a whopping

94.1 percent success rate with its smoking cessation program (for all who completed their four week program during 2012).

This is — by far — the best success rate of any smoking cessation program published in Michigan, using any method, according to our fact-check internet survey of published success rates.

Nationally, according to the Schmidt Study, published in the Journal of Applied Psychology (Oct. 1992) hypnosis is by far the number one method for smoking cessation. By comparison according to the American Cancer Society (Aug. 2012) cold turkey has a 3.5 percent success rate.

According to the Shiffman “Real World” study, published in the Journal Addiction (May 2002) the gums and patchesaveragea7percentsuccess rate. They are truthful when they say they double the cold turkey rate. But even then, it’s still inconsequential.

According to the Nicotine & Tobacco Research Journal (June, 2011), Chantix has a 14 percent success rate. Not only is that a bad number, but users report has all sorts of nightmarish side effects.

Why is Tomlinson so much more successful? In his work, he identified a psychological malady characteristic of smokers. Once this difficulty is uncovered using a simple test and corrected, it is much easier to stop smoking, as our four session, 94.1 percent success rate suggests.

As an aside, New Scientist Magazine says one time, group hypnosis has a 20 percent success rate.

Details: Call 810-771-7105. — G.G.

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