Sneller challenged by Fitchette-Hickson for 50th district state rep seat



BURTON/GRAND BLANC — Incumbent State Rep. Tim Sneller (D-50th District) will be opposed in the Nov. 3 general election by Christina Fitchette-Hickson, a precinct delegate for the City of Burton.

Sneller, a second-term state representative, currently holds the office which represents Burton, Grand Blanc, Mundy Township, parts of Davison, Flint, and other areas in Genesee County. Fitchette- Hickson, a Republican, is a former teacher in the Flint Community Schools District.

Here is what the candidates had to say:

Tim Sneller, Age: 64

Education: I graduated from the University of Michigan-Flint with both a bachelor’s degree in Political Science (1985) and a secondary teaching certification (2002). Prior to that, I graduated from Bentley High School in Burton (1974).

Accomplishments: I am currently serving my second term in the Michigan House of Representatives as state representative for the 50th House District. I serve as the Democratic Vice Chair of the House Transportation Committee and as a member of the House Energy Committee and House Insurance Committee. Prior to this, I worked for more than 30 years in the Michigan Legislature as a Legislative Aide, and before that I worked at the Flint General Motors Truck and Bus Assembly Plant, where I became an alternate committeeman and proud member of UAW Local 598.

I currently serve on the Greater Flint Health Coalition Board. In 2018, I served on the Genesee County Health Plan Millage Renewal Committee.

Tell us what your goals are for the community if elected? If we want to be a successful community and state, we have to get back to what works — invest in our people, maintain safer roads and infrastructure, provide children a world class education, create jobs and secure our economy, honor our commitment to our seniors, and protect our natural resources and the environment around us, after all it’s where we live. While I’m proud of my work so far, the job’s not done. My goal is to keep fighting to strengthen our community and all of Michigan.

Christina Fitchett-Hickson, Age: 48

Education: Graduated with BA Major in English/ Language Arts & Minor in Fine Arts

Major in Education at U of M-Flint, Completed +24 Credits toward a Masters in the Art of Teaching at Marygrove Community College

Accomplishments: Former Flint Community Schools Elementary Teacher K-6 of 15 years. Also, I worked in several different positions – HOSTS Coordinator K-3, Title I Instructor in Math/Language Arts& Reading, Precinct Delegate for Burton #2

After teaching, I went on to run my own small business and work in sales and marketing which led to national travel where I met several prominent people like Charlie Kirk, David Clark, Dr. Linda Tarver, Sean Hannity, and John James. They inspired me to be more involved in my local government and run for State Representative. After winning the primary election for the Republican party I was chosen to be the Precinct Delegate in Burton’s 2nd Precinct.

Tell us what your goals are for the community if elected? As your delegate I am also involved with many of the new issues we are now seeing come to light in our community, like child trafficking, which has recently been highlighted in the news in unlikely cities as Grand Blanc.

As your Representative, I will continue to support legislation and those police who protect and defend ourselves, our businesses and our children. Added to this we need changes in our education system that will better suit the needs of our children. It is of utmost importance that we open our schools safely and efficiently. Our children deserve a quality education not hindered by the COVID-19 virus or partisan indoctrination. We need to be careful not to put partisan issues in our children’s curriculum. I will also work with our team on auto and health insurance reform. As a pastor’s daughter, I am also running on a pro-life stance. I believe that abortion is obsolete, and we no longer need the barbaric and inhumane practice. We are scientifically ahead of such archaic practices. We need to move on and stop the unneeded killing of innocent babies and start giving mothers a better choice. There are plenty of families willing to adopt who have waited years for an opportunity to love one of these precious gifts from God! We also need to make sure our economy will survive. I believe we can quickly recover our state from this massive shut down and bounce back better than ever before. However, we need to work together and be more fiscally responsible and focused on our needs rather than our wants. We need to give the people back more of their money for their personal income and their businesses. I believe, with cooperation of all, we are looking at very prosperous times ahead for all citizens.

The Genesee County View will run more candidate profiles over the coming weeks for the various races through the county.