Sneller thanks transportation industry, in addition to other frontline workers

During uncertain times, it’s important to focus on the uplifting stories that surround us. One of those, in Michigan and across the country, is our tireless supply chain and the heroes that move it. Working together, an interconnected web of trains, trucks, planes and ships are working overtime to bring us everything we need to stay safe at home and flatten the curve.

Freight railroads are often the unseen partners in this equation, originating the goods that end up on store shelves and moving raw materials to keep key manufacturers in business. Now, as always, America’s freight trains are transporting about 60,000 carloads of food and agricultural products each week—everything from fresh produce to frozen pizzas to canned goods. Not to mention their role in carrying chemicals to produce medicines, clean water to drink or fuel to keep the lights on.

Here in Michigan, where we boast a robust rail network of 28 different railroads moving nearly 85 million tons of freight annually, the work of Michigan’s 3,300 railroad men and women is especially important to keep our economy healthy and our manufacturers moving, now, and as we start down the path of recovery post-coronavirus. As we say thank you to our healthcare professionals, grocers, police officers, firefighters, teachers, and many other frontline workers, let’s not forget the transportation industry and all the supply chain heroes working hard for their communities. — State Representative Tim Sneller, Democratic Vice-Chair, House Transportation Committee, State of Michigan