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The Detroit Red Wings’ Henrik Zetterberg has announced he is walking away from hockey and retiring. No. 40 will be missed by Red Wings fans, and myself tremendously this season. The degenerative back issue is just too much for Henrik to overcome. Henrik knew last season around January that his playing days were dwindling due to the pain he was playing with.

Zetterberg, the seventh-round draft pick in 1999, has been a great leader and Red Wing over his 15-year career. Let me toss out some numbers that might surprise you. How about he is sixth in games played at 1,082, fifth in goals with 337, fifth in assists at 623 and fifth in points at 960. Let’s also remember he was the Conn Smythe Trophy winner in the Red Wings 2008 Stanley Cup year. What a stellar and tremendous career in the Winged Wheel uniform! Let’s also not forget how humble of a hockey player he was. The man they called “Z” had to follow in the Stevie Y and Nick Lidstrom footsteps, which was no easy task, either. The rafters will display No. 40 someday and hang up there with all the other great Red Wings. Thanks for the memories, Hank!

The Red Wings will open up the preseason Wednesday at home against the Pittsburgh Penguins! Ah, hockey is close to being back!

Kicking the Lions when they are down

The Detroit Lions deserve some tough love. The effort out in San Francisco was terrible. I don’t care that they lost only 30-27. The fact that they were down 30-13 and gave a lackluster effort after a beat down by the Jets at home is a shame. The “Lie Downs” favorite trick is to make a game close after scoring garbage points. It’s a Lions trick we have witnessed for years.

The Matt Stafford numbers are inflated because of this strong trend. This coach needs a 20-foot ladder to step up on because he is in deep over his head, in my opinion. The clock strategy at the end of the first half was a clown show. He couldn’t carry Bill Belichick’s hoodie on the sidelines. He will be gone in less than two years, mark my words. A blowout loss on Sunday to the New England Patriots is next on the Lions docket, as Brady will throw for over 400 yards and three touchdowns. No roar for the Lions, just snoring!

A little love for V-Mart

The Detroit Tigers, who have not received much love, or ink, from me this summer, are closing out their season. At the time of this writing they had 12 games left on the schedule. That will be the last 12 of Victor Martinez in a Detroit Tigers uniform. Victor will call it a career, I believe, at the end of the season. I love the ovation the Cleveland Indians fans gave Victor and it moved him to tears. Victor has played 16 seasons and is a career .295 hitter with 246 home runs and 1,177 RBI. The bottom line is, V-Mart can flat out rake (hit)! I have enjoyed watching the entire career and his seven years he spent in Motown! It’s a shame he played out his final season on a bad baseball team with no hope of October baseball!

College football teams roll on

The Big Ten season opens up for Michigan at home against the Nebraska Cornhuskers at 11 a.m. Saturday. The Wolverines should husk Nebraska for a victory. The cheeseball says Maize 34 and Land of Corn 23.

The Spartys will travel to Indiana for a 7:30 p.m. road tilt. The game will be on the Big Ten Network and I love the Spartans off the bye to grab the win. The cheeseball says Sparty Bounceback 30 and Hoosiers The Movie 17.

NFL Picks:
CLEVELAND – 3 over New York Jets
PHILADELPHIA – 6.5 over Indianapolis
CAROLINA – 3 over Cincinnati
JACKSONVILLE -6.5 over Tennessee
ATLANTA -3 over New Orleans
BALTIMORE – 5 over Denver
HOUSTON – 6 over New York Giants
MIAMI – 3 over Oakland
WASHINGTON + 3 over Green Bay
Buffalo + 17 over MINNESOTA
San Francisco + 6 over KANSAS CITY
L.A.Chargers + 7 over L.A. RAMS
ARIZONA + 4.5 over Chicago
Dallas + 3 over SEATTLE
New England – 6.5 over DETROIT
TAMPA BAY + 2 over Pittsburgh
LAST WEEK: 11-4-1; SEASON: 17-13-1; BEST
BET: Philadelphia

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