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The conversation went something like this:

” I sent you a text about the game, didn’t you get it?”

That would be, negative, sir.

I don’t text, tweet, friend, or whatever all those other socially politically correct terms are. I could care less about all this social networking, myspacing or facebooking. I already spend way too much time with my computer in a love-hate relationship that goes all hearts-andflowers when I get to shut it off and dark-cloud-over-my-head when I have to sit in front of it for hours at end. Banging out scores, columns, and such, until the wee hours of the morning isn’t a socially enjoyable task. I’d rather eat chocolate covered bugs, or as many of us in the office have declared, shoot the game photos and leave the writing to someone else.

Okay, maybe eating bugs is a little extreme, but I seriously do not care one iota about all this connect-ability. I don’t want a blog, I don’t want a Twitter account, and I certainly don’t want a text message block of minutes holding me hostage every month.

From my understanding, I’m supposed to be over the moon for a touch-screen phone, data plan and 24/7 connectivity. Not.

I have a free phone that [GASP] does not even have a slide out keyboard. Egads! I didn’t sign up for a text plan, and in fact, it costs me 35 cents for every lame text that manages to reach my phone. Great. Just this week I’ve been getting unwanted texts declaring that an IQ test is available for my perusal, some unknown dork somewhere beat me to some restaurant, and another wants to be my BFF. Seriously? On top of that, several unknown salespeople want to sell me things I didn’t ask for. Last time I checked, I had registered on the Don’t Bother Me List, aka the Do Not Call List. That’s working great.

“But if you had a plan, you could get unlimited texts and stay connected with your friends and family”, said the salesman when I looked into my next upgrade recently. NO THNX. I can already do that with my free phone.

If I understood Skippy, I’m supposed to be delighted to want to shell out $199 for a smart phone, tack on $29.99 per line for the ability to receive texts, pixs, and messages, and a few more

“extras”. Another said, “Oh, and Verizon is going to offer its own version of the iphone soon.” Whoopee.

Are you kidding me?! I have a freeevery two plan that allows me to have a perfectly functioning phone that, get this…allows incoming and outgoing phone calls. And, all for free within my “network”. What’s wrong with that?

As my friend said holding up his cell phone, “If you want to talk to me, you have to belong to my inner circle and can have 24/7 access to me for FREE.” What a concept?!.

I’m with him.

Oh, and by the way, if you’ve tried to friend me, that’s in direct violation of our company computer use policy. Thank God. We aren’t allowed to use myspace or facebook, and yeah, I know many teams, coaches and athletes have all their pertinent information out there. I have an email address and fax number that you can use to share with me. Or, better yet, call me and we can talk about it. You figure out how.

I know I’m in the minority and don’t really care. I’m tired of trying to have conversations with people who can’t even look me in the eye because they are so busy scrolling through their messages while uttering occasional, “uh huhs”. That’s a major social disconnect that has bothered me for some time…clearly. I just don’t want to be so tied to any device that I can’t eat a meal uninterrupted, carry on a conversation with someone where I actually listen to every word they say, or worry that I may have missed some great tidbit of news while I slept. When the phone rings, get this…sometimes I don’t even answer it. I know, shocking, right? That’s what voicemail is for. And, if the technogeeks out there are so hell bent on getting everyone connected, why hasn’t anyone improved on the FAX machine?

As far as the social networking goes, sorry, I’m just not into it.

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