SOL disappoint on Turkey Day

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The Thanksgiving weekend is finally over and hopefully all the leftover turkey has been demolished. I know all the turkey was gobbled up at our house.

The Detroit Lions, however, laid turkey droppings on the field on Thanksgiving against the Minnesota Vikings. It was the biggest game of the year and the Lions come out in a dead sleep walk? What the heck kind of effort was that?

There never seems to be any type of urgency with this football team. Let’s look back at the last three weeks. A slow start at home against the Browns and the same against the Bears next week. Hey, “Cryons”, the Vikings are a good football team and coming back against them is a tough task. I sat in my seats fuming to the point I was ready to leave at halftime, to be honest. The loss sent all Lions fans home like we always do; wondering how this franchise can disappoint time after time.

The Vikings wanted the game more, came out focused and got the “W” sealing up the division. The Lions’ wild card-hopes are basically toast losing the tie break to Atlanta and Carolina. The fact that clown Coach Caldwell says there is no panic in this locker room agitates me. Hey, Caldwell, that’s the issue; you and your football team never play with urgency–ever! I think Caldwell is a top-five clown coach in the NFL. I cannot stand his demeanor or stupid press conferences after the games. I want you to think about this fact. The Lions are the only team with its starting quarterback in the division and still can’t win the division! That, my football fans, is sickening to me. I hope they go to Baltimore and lose and we can all enjoy our December holiday season in peace. The Lions and a dollar bill have nothing in common. The dollar bill still gives you four quarters. The Detroit Lions? Not so much. I’m so sick of the Same Old Lions.

Alabama out of playoffs?

The college football season is coming to a close this weekend.

The college football playoffs will be announced and could Alabama not be in? I think they are one of the best four teams in the country and yet, could possibly be left out. I believe the Wisconsin and Ohio State game will decide if Alabama makes it. The Crimson Tide need the Wisconsin Badgers to lose to Ohio State, and I believe they will. The Alabama Crimson Tide will get into the college football playoffs, in my opinion.

The Clemson Tigers will beat the Miami Hurricanes and they will get in. The Auburn Tigers need to defeat the Georgia Bulldogs and they are in. However, if the Georgia Bulldogs take down Auburn, they are in. Alabama will be rooting for Georgia or Wisconsin to lose and Nick Saban’s team will be one of the four teams in the playoffs. It’s awful hard to shake the Crimson Tide come playoff time isn’t?

Michigan is world of trouble

The Michigan and Ohio State game was a huge disaster for coach Harbaugh and team. The fans have to be sick of losing to Ohio State. This should have been a Michigan victory but it was another loss. I’ll leave it at this: find a damn quarterback, please! The quarterback play is brutal and no longer watchable.

As for the Spartans of Michigan State, congrats on a nice 9-3 bounceback season!

NFL picks are back…
DALLAS – 2 over Washington
Detroit + 3 over BALTIMORE
CHICAGO – 3.5 over San Francisco
ATLANTA – 3 over Minnesota
BUFFALO + 8.5 over New England
Denver -pk over MIAMI
TENNESSEE – 7 over Houston
JACKSONVILLE – 9 over Indianapolis
GREEN BAY -pk over Tampa Bay
Kansas City – 3.5 over NEW YORK JETS
NEW ORLEANS – 4 over Carolina
L.A. Chargers – 13.5 over Cleveland
ARIZONA + 7 over L.A. Rams
Oakland – 7 over New York Giants
Philadelphia -5 over SEATTLE
CINCINNATI + 6 over Pittsburgh
TWO WEEKS AGO: 7-6-1; SEASON:80-73-4
BEST BET: 6-4-1; BEST BET: Green Bay

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