Some more thoughts on amusing license plates



I’ve been keeping a list of personalized license plates (I stopped calling them ‘vanity plates’ after a reader told me the only thing vane about them was me) over the winter and I have a few I’d like to share.

So here’s a few I’ve collected in recent months:

MYHAUSE — I saw this on a truck and at first I wondered if this was considered someone’s ‘house,’ like maybe someone was living out of their truck. Hause is the German word for house, so maybe I was on to something. After some thought, however, I think they are trying to say the truck is their ‘horse’, just pronounced ‘hause’ like a cowboy with a drawl.

FOREVERVERA — A tear-jerker I bet. Someone here is showing their devotion to their wife, Vera, with a plate proclaiming their love forever. Or maybe this is Vera’s car and she wants everyone to know it’s hers ‘forever.’

BITMAN — OK, I figured right away this has to belong to a computer guy. Someone who is really into computers, since ‘bit’ is a computer term (like 64-bits of memory).

JUSBNME — Good advice in this message. This person believes in self-expression and is urging others to show their individuality. Keep up the good work, you should always be yourself, no matter what.

1 BOXER — Either driven by someone who likes to go a few rounds in the ring or someone fond of the Boxer breed of dog. My dad would have liked the latter. We raised Boxers for years and he always loved them like they were part of our family.

LAZRBLU — I saw this on a blue truck. When I think of this plate I can’t help but remember the scene from Austin Powers when Dr. Evil asks his henchmen for “sharks with lasers.”

Maybe Dr. Evil would settle for “a truck with lasers.” Throw me a bone here.

YEABUDY — I know this is supposed to be “yeah buddy!” I can’t help but think it could also be a pirate looking for “yeh booty.”

DARDEER — This one is a head-scratcher for me. I plainly can see the word DEER in this plate, but what’s a ‘dardeer?’ A search of Google shows it to be a last name common in the Middle East. Not sure if it is a name or an elusive hybrid deer which roams the Michigan wilds.

WILMAS — First thing I had to do was look under this car and make sure no one was using their feet through a hole in the floorboard to make this car go (you know, Wilma Flintstone?) Once I had confirmed this I was certain the Average stoneage family had not moved to Genesee County. With the condition of our roads in the Flint area, however, it probably seems a little like the town of Bedrock.

SLPYHLO — This car should have been painted black with a big, flaming jack-o-lantern on the hood — Sleepy Hollow. I almost wanted to hang around and make sure the driver still had his or her head on their shoulders. I decided against it, not wanting to find out firsthand what it’s like to lose one’s head.

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